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Online casinos are one of the most convenient ways for gambling in 2022, sounds good for your business, Right? But finding a web hosting for your online casino website is not so easy. The list of Casino web hosting providers is not so long because the number is very small. 

But why do you need to worry about it? I’m going to tell you some of the best casino web hosting providers in 2022 which assure you the best web hosting experience and take care of your pocket. 

Also, You must know the risk factors of gambling web hosting as it is banned in several countries. But don’t step back. These companies will take care of every aspect of it while you can figure out some business plans to fill your wallet. 

Now you’re ready? So, let’s get started

What is Casino Web Hosting? 

Casino web hosting is when you host a website that is made for online casinos. Now let me explain this in a simpler way. 

Online casinos are the same concept as regular casinos. The only difference is people visit a regular casino physically but in an online casino, they can simply visit a website and gamble from their home. 

Now imagine a casino has to be open & functional when people visit the place, So someone has to open it and keep it operational for people. Now a website also needs to be online & functional 24×7 when people want to visit their website. So here, the web hosting provider does the job to run and managing a website. 

What is Casino Web Hosting? 

So let’s go through this again, casino web hosting makes sure that the website is available on the internet 24×7 and allows people to do gambling without any interruption while running a website 24×7 on your own pc is too hectic.

Now if we talk about Casino web hosting, it’s a bit different from regular web hosting. The solution for your online casino is getting offshore or DMCA ignored web hosting

Now offshore hosting refers to putting your data on a server that is far away from your location and makes you anonymous which is great if you run a website of adult content, politics or gambling. 

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) ignored hosting allows you to run a website against DMCA rules such as adult websites, gambling websites and makes sure DMCA doesn’t take down your website for DMCA violation. 

That’s why there are fewer casino web hosting providers than regular web hosting providers.  

Facts to Consider while Choosing a Casino Hosting 

Now you know finding casino web hosting is not an easy job. There is a huge crowd of Online casinos on the internet so you need to have good web hosting to give the users a smooth experience.

You also have to make sure that your website doesn’t fall into any trouble as gambling doesn’t have a fair image in front of everyone.

Facts to Consider while Choosing a Casino Hosting 

To make things easy for you I have listed some key facts to consider while choosing casino web hosting for your business.

  • First thing first you need to get an offshore server for your hosting means having a data centre far away from a country. Now you don’t wanna choose a server location that comes under DMCA rules ex.The USA and causes you trouble right? So you need to choose a company that has an offshore location such as Bulgaria, Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia & Singapore. 
  • Now don’t get distracted with offshore locations. Just like other websites your casino server has to be fast, secure & reliable and has to give the best experience to your visitors. For this, Your web hosting should come up with a decent uptime, fast SSD drives, Unmetered bandwidth and multiple data centers.
  • Now your casino web hosting should have multiple payment options which let you pay them via Bitcoin, Credit Card, Paypal, Netbanking etc.
  • The most important aspect of web hosting, especially gambling web hosting should be its privacy & security policy. There are many hackers who can access the user’s data, payment history. So your web hosting should provide you with Firewall, Anti DDos protection.
  • Many problems occur when you run a website like a server downtime, a slow server, technical glitches, so it’s not easy to fix these with yourself. 24×7 customer care support is mandatory when you are facing issues and you want to fix them as soon as possible.
  • You should always check the company’s guidelines to make sure their server is DMCA ignored or not. Because if they are lying then you’ll get into problems in the future.

Best Casino Web Hosting Providers 

Now it’s time to tell you some of the best casino web hosting providers.

#1. AbeloHost 

When it comes to adult, gambling websites Abelhost comes with loads of features and different plans. It provides you quality offshore web hosting with total privacy and data security and gives you a variety of shared, VPS & dedicated hosting plans. 

AbeloHost best Casino Web Hosting Plans

Abelohost Offshore hosting lets you host adult, gambling, movie websites, etc but that doesn’t mean you are free to do anything without a concern. The company has their rules & regulations that don’t allow you to host spam and illegal activities.


  • One-click installation of your offshore servers.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Anti-DDoS protection.
  • ISO 27001 & 9001 certified datacenter.
  • Wide payment options like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Paypal.
  • Powerful hardware 

Plans & Pricing

Abelohost has every kind of plan starting from €5.99/month which is a shared hosting plan. But it’s recommended to use a VPS plan starting from €9.99/month because online casinos will face huge traffic often so you need more power and space for a VPS. Other VPS plan of Abelohost –

Abelohost – Best affordable Web Hosting

Performance, Security & Control with Redundant Datacenter Networks And No Latency For Your Users

#2. BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHost is one of the most popular offshore hosting providers as it has 3 offshore data centers in Netherland, Bulgaria & Russia. 

BlueAngelHost best Casino Web Hosting

Now, these three nations don’t follow the DMCA rules. It means when you are hosting your online casino with BlueAngelHost, you don’t need to worry at all.


  • Virtualizor VPS Control Panel.
  • Full root and Shell access.
  • 24×7 tech support.
  • Free DDoS protection.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Enterprise-class hardware
  • Supports payment with bitcoin.


They provide managed offshore VPS hosting from $25/month, offshore SSD VPS at $9.99/month and dedicated hosting at $49/month. If you are just going to start your online casino then it’s recommended to use their offshore SSD plans which I have listed below.

BlueAngelHost – Globally Trusted Provider


#3. Shinjiru 

Shinjiru is another best option of offshore web hosting for your online casino. Shinjiru has 8 offshore locations – Luxembourg, Lithuania, Holland, Bulgaria, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong. 

Shinjiru Casino and Gambling web hosting

You can choose any of these offshore locations to host your website. Cool, Right?


  • Lightning-fast SSD.
  • Multiple OS options.
  • 8 data centres across the globe.
  • 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Anti DDoS network.
  • 24×7 technical support team. 

Plans & Pricing:

Shinjiru has really cheap offshore shared hosting plans from $3.95/month but as recommended the Offshore VPS plans start at $11.90 monthly with free onboarding Services: Configuration, Migration and Deployment.

If you want a more powerful server for your online casino then you can go for a wide range of dedicated hosting plans from $49 monthly. 

Shinjiru – Pay Anonymously & Securely

The Optimal Solution for Fast and Reliable Websites.

#4. YouStable 

Youstable is one of the cheapest DMCA ignored web hosting providers in the market. It allows you to host gambling, movies, adult websites, and similar content. However, this does not allow you to engage in illegal activities that are strictly forbidden like committing fraud, phishing, spam. 

YouStable casino Web Hosting providers

It provides you various DMCA ignored web hosting services- offshore VPS hosting, offshore Dedicated hosting & offshore domain.


  • 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • Best server management.
  • Tier-ii data centers.
  • 24×7 live customer support.
  • Lenient content policy.


Youstable doesn’t have a fixed offshore DMCA ignored web hosting. The pricing depends on your requirements. 

But don’t worry, Whether you choose DMCA ignored VPS hosting or DMCA ignored dedicated hosting, you’ll get everything at affordable prices.

Yostable- Affordable and Reliable

Ultimate Performance, Security, Control & Free DDOS Protection.

#5. W3Space 

W3Space is an anonymous offshore DMCA free hosting provider located in Bangladesh. You may be disappointed but W3Space doesn’t allow you to host online casinos on their platform.

W3Space Cheapest offshore web hosting providers

You cannot host any illegal things on their platform as their data centers are located in the USA & Canada. We picked W3 space in the list because they have plenty of cool features. You can create Django and MyAngula based websites easily as they support the latest programming language and databases.


  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Spam assassin filtering.
  • Unlimited subdomains, MySQL database, email accounts.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • ClamAV Virus protection


Their anonymous offshore DMCA plan starts at $3.95/month named offshore mini. They also have a fully customizable plan. 

W3Space – Get a Truly Extra-Ordinary Web Hosting Experience

Deploy BareMetal SSD Cloud Hosting in minutes…

Casino Web Hosting – FAQ’s

Can I host a gambling website?

You can host a gambling website with the help of offshore web hosting because gambling is illegal in many countries.

Offshore web hosting allows you to host your site from a server located far away from your country.

Which is the best hosting provider?

When it comes to the hosting provider, Youstable is the best because they have many affordable web hosting plans and good customer care support. 

What is the best site for Casino Web Hosting?

Youstable is the best for Casino web hosting as it has DMCA ignored offshore web hosting which allows you to host gambling with utmost security.

Their affordable & jam-packed hosting plans make it the best site for casino web hosting.

Get Started with Casino Web Hosting Providers

That was everything about the best casino web hosting. Now you know the best casino web hosting provider and how to choose the perfect casino hosting.

Now get yourself a casino web hosting for your online casino website. But always make sure that your web hosting provides you with offshore data centres in a country that doesn’t follow DMCA

Now if you have any questions or suggestions then put them in the comment section. We’ll see you with a new topic, thanks for visiting FreeDjango