Are you looking for free WordPress hosting with cPanel?

However, did you know? With free web hosting, you can easily start your blog, educational website or anything which you have thought of. 

All the companies below are credit card free, you don’t need your card to get started with them.

If you are just starting your blogging career then free web hosting will be your best bet for growth. 

You can get started with any of the free web hosting providers and all the free WordPress hosting providers mentioned below provide the best in class web hosting services.

The best part is, you can also avail free domains and free SSL which will make your site SEO friendly. 

Let us get into the details, and all the below mentioned companies are tested and trusted by millions of customers. You just landed at the right place. Read the full article to host your website for free.

The Best Free WordPress Hosting Services of 2023

Now let us know about each and every free web hosting provider that offers top-notch hosting service with free lifetime website hosting.

#1. GoogieHost 

Best free web hosting provider that offers free hosting for a lifetime. Googiehost is the most famous free web hosting provider. The company also offers free Subdomain Extension (,

GoogieHost Free Wordpress Hosting

Get started with GoogieHost and avail your free WordPress hosting with cPanel. GoogieHost also provides customer support with its free hosting service.

Key Features

  • Free Domain 
  • Free Security
  • Free SSL
  • Hosting for lifetime 


  • Hosting for Lifetime
  • Free SSL, Domain
  • Technical support


  • Only ticket support available 

#2. Wix 

One of the most famous free website builders. You can build an attractive website which will help you create the most intuitive / user friendly. 

Wix Free Wordpress Hosting

You can also easily optimise your site with the help of SEO tools that will also help you increase your organic traffic and maximise your website’s performance.

Key Features

  • Free CDN
  • Malware Protection
  • Free Website builder


  • Attractive website templates 
  • Free CDN
  • 99.9% server uptime


  • Slow hosting

#3. X10hosting

If you need free cloud hosting then X10Hosting is the best option for you.

X10hosting Free WordPress Hosting

You can get started with X10Hosting if your priority is a free website builder with free web hosting then this company can be your ideal choice.

Key Features

  • High-Performance servers 
  • Free Website builder  
  • Attractive templates
  • Free eCommerce templates


  • Performance-based servers
  • Best for eCommerce


  • Poor server uptime

#4. InfinityFree

Fastest Free hosting provider which can assure you that you get the best output possible. They have been offering free web hosting for the last 9 years.

InfinityFree Free WordPress Hosting

They are the most reliable free web hosting providers for a reason and the exciting part is, they have over a million customers.

Key features

  • Unlimited free Web hosting
  • No ford ads on your website
  • Host Any Domain
  • Fastest WordPress hosting


  • Unlimited Resources 
  • No ads 


  • No security 

#5. AwardSpace

Host 4 websites for free with AwardSpace (One domain and 3 subdomains ). If you are sick of poor server uptime then AwardSpace can be the ideal choice for you. This company provides 99.9% server uptime.

AwardSpace Free Wordpress Hosting

That’s not all, you can install CMS with just one click and you will also get a web-based file manager.

Key Features

  • 100% Ads-free
  • Web-based life manager
  • One-click CMS installer
  • 4 site free hostings


  • 100% Ads free
  • Web based file manager
  • One click CMS install


  • Slow hosting

#6. FreeHostingNoAds

FreeHostingNoAds is one of the most famous free WordPress web hosting providers that promise to provide free hosting with no ads.

FreeHostingNoAds Free WordPress Hosting

You can get started with them via clicking on the button given. To get free web hosting from this famous hosting provider you must take a look at their key features.

Key Features

  • No Ads on your website
  • Free PHP & MySQL
  • Email Hosting
  • 99.99% Server Uptime


  • Powerful control Panel
  • Email Hosting
  • Legit server uptime


  • Not reliable hosting

#7. is the best free hosting provider that can help you host websites for a gaming clan. And you get a 24 core CPU Xeon with hardware load-balancers, free FTP, PHP 5.3 MySQL, etc.

Best Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel that Don't Sucks- Instant Activation 2023

You can get started with via clicking on the link below. But before anything let us know about their features.

Key Features

  • 24 core CPU Xeon
  • Hardware load-balancers
  • Storage-area-network (SAN)
  • Free FTP, PHP 5.3, MySQL


  • Powerful Hardware
  • Free FTP Account 
  • Load balancers


  • So many sites hosted on same server

Which Free WordPress Hosting Provider Will You Choose?

There are two best free web hosting providers available in the market and you can get started with any of them by clicking on the given button. So, the two best free hosting providers are GoogieHost and Wix.

GoogieHost is the fastest free web hosting provider which offers legitimate server uptime and free domains.

Which Free WordPress Hosting Provider Will You Choose?

And when it comes to WIX, you can create the most attractive website for your business idea but, the hosting from WIX is comparatively slow.

It totally depends on you, which one satisfies your needs, both of them are the Best free web hosting providers with multiple freebies.


Can I host my WordPress website for free?

Yes, you can host your Free WordPress Hosting website. The best free web hosting providers are GoogieHost and Infinity Free. You can get started with them by simply signing up for any of the free website hosting providers.

Is WordPress free with cPanel?

Yes, you can find WordPress free with cPanel hosting providers. I hope you must have read the whole article which was about free WordPress hosting with cPanel.

Can I use my domain with free hosting?

Yes, you can use your domain with free hosting. And they all are the best free hosting in India.


Through this article, you scrolled the 7 best free hosting providers that providers free hosting with cPanel.

As mentioned above you can easily start your blog, educational website or anything which you have thought of. Get started with the free web hosting providers that are available in the market.

And when it comes to cPanel, it is among the most optimised hosting control panel, but there are some other alternatives as well (Direct Admin, Webmin, etc). 

So, get started with free WordPress hosting with cpanel and implement your game changer business plan.