Are you missing that wow! Factor in your pictures?

After clicking a photo from a high-quality camera or phone, and still not getting enough attention on giant platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Google, and more, and then as being a blogger you feel devastated and broke.

Have you ever looked at your uploaded photos again and wondered about the things that are missing in your photos? And making your picture less attractive than those you use to see daily on Insta, high-quality blogs, or on any other platforms. 

So, the thing is shooting with a quality camera is just half the battle you fought- and basically, you need a photo editor software to make quick changes to your photo by enhancing the elements like Brightness, saturation, lighting, and many more to give your photo a slick look.

In this article, I have handpicked the 10+ free photo editing software for bloggers from a pool of the best ones. These are free and applicable to different devices. 

You don’t need to have any skill for any particular editing software. If you are just a beginner then also you can easily edit.

So, Just scroll through this guide of free editing software for Bloggers and explore them one by one.

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Bloggers

1. Canva

Meanwhile, Canva is the most emerging free photo editing software for bloggers. It is a graphic design platform. Generally used by many content creators around the world. 

Using canva you can create social media posts, posters, logos, presentations, and any other visual content. 

free photo editing software for bloggers canva

Its interface is totally smooth and easily understandable even a person with zero skills can create an amazing design. 

This tool is packed with lots of features. 

Real-time Collaboration is one of them which allows you to invite people and edit with you in real-time.


  • Drag & Drop functionality
  • Tons of images and fonts to use
  • Built-in comments
  • Trendy photo filters
  • Blur slider
  • Thousand of free icons to enhance your design like a pro
  • Brilliant vignette effect
  • Variety of Photo frame effects
  • Wide variety of texture background 
  • The pool of best templates and many more.

Device support: mobiles, Desktop (any OS)

Browser support: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.

User type: Beginners & Advance

Pricing :


2. Pixlr X

Pixlr X is for those who are totally beginners and want instant edits. It is a basic online editor that lets you edit photos and create astonishing designs right in your browser for free.

Overall, experience the level of pro photo editing and graphical seeing with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits.

free photo editor software for bloggers

Any type of image format whether it is in the form of PSP, PXD, JPEG, PNG, webp easily gets support in this editor.


  • Remove background
  • Trendy filters
  • Color Replace
  • Magic wand
  • Object transform
  • Digital painting/ inking

Device support – Mobiles(Android, ios),  Desktop(any OS)

Browser support – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

User type – Beginners, nonphoto editors.

Price – Totally free


GIMP( GNU image manipulation program) is a widely used photo editing software and yet powerful and packed with lots of pro features that will make you look like a pro-photographer. 

 photo editing software gimp

It’s a free and open-source cross-platform photo editor software. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done, also check Free Video Marketing tools .

It supports multiple file formats and can be operated in any of the operating systems, or downloaded as a portable version that can be added into a USB key for user flexibility.


  • Customizable interface
  • Photo enhancement
  • Digital Retouching
  • Color adjustment
  • Face swap
  • Animated GIFs
  • Layer mask
  • Curves and personalizable brushes

Device support – only Desktop

OS support – Linux, OS X, Windows, macOS.

User type – Beginners, advance editors.

Price – free

4. Capture One Express

Capture One Express is a smaller version of award-winning photo software Capture one pro. It boosts your photos with photo editor software for Fujifilm or Sony files.

Capture One Express

It comes with some handy tools like Auto adjustment, Easy interface to make your own edits in just one click.


  • Luma curves 
  • Lumination mask 
  • Focus mask
  • Film Grain
  • Instant color gradient with style
  • Clone brush
  • Vignetting
  • Variety of templates, filters.

Device support – Desktop

Browser support –  Any browser

User type –  Beginners, Intermediate

Price – free with 30 days trial

5. Paint.NET

If you have a low-performance device and are looking for an easy-to-use free photo editor software that offers high-quality results then Pain.NET is the best option for you.

Paint.NET photo editor software for bloggers

It was initially designed by Washington State University students as a replacement for Microsoft paint and later on it was developed into a full-fledged photo editing software mainly for the purpose of beginners or non-photo editors.

This software offers a wide array of basic features and supports multiple plugins such as the popular 3D rotate/zoom tool for image recomposition.


  • Curves
  • Unlimited undo
  • Layers
  • Gradient
  • Hue
  • Levels
  • Contrast

Device support – only Desktop (any OS)

User type Beginners with low devices.

Price – Free 

6. Darktable

Darktable is a free cross-platform photo editing software and raw file editor. It offers post-production options that allow you to work on a copy of your original image to avoid unnecessary changes.

free photo editor software for bloggers

It is primarily focused on improving a photographer’s workflow by facilitating the handling of large numbers of images, Also get free Django courses and certificates.

If you don’t want to go with expensive photo editing tools such as Lightroom and all then this can be the best alternative for you.


  • Non- destructive
  • The 4×32-bit floating point pixel buffer
  • Supports multiple image formats
  • Zoomable interface
  • Supports a variety of languages
  • Fast Database
  • OpenCL support

Device support – only Desktop

Os – windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS

User type – Pro-photographers

Price – free

7. Photos Pos Pro

Photos Pos Pro photo editor is a powerful software. That comes with an extremely smooth and user-friendly interface enabling you to work initiatively.

Photos Pos Pro

With 10,000,000+ downloads it became the most downloaded and popular photo editing software.

If you’re a beginner and looking for editing software that can guide you throughout the editing process then you have to definitely try this.


  • Remove background/replace/erase
  • Raw file support
  • Frames and collages
  • Fine-tune  poor photos
  • Stunning text Effect

And many more

Device support – Desktop only

Os – Windows only

User type –  Beginners

Price – free

8. Digital Photo Professional for Canon

As the name suggests, Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) is for professional photographers. A Canon made application for browsing, selecting, and developing Raw images.

 Digital Photo Professional for Canon

It is equipped with various image adjustment functions in the Picture Style format and allows the user to make speedy image adjustments with freedom.


  • Connect with camera
  • Intuitive controls
  • White balance
  • Adjustment for contrast, saturation, and sharpness
  • Noise reduction tool
  • Peripheral luminous

Device support – Mobiles( iPhone), iPad, Desktop

Os- Windows, Mac Os X, Linus

User type – Beginners, professional photographer

Price – Free

9. InPixio

Sometimes a disturbing background almost ruins your perfect photo. Wouldn’t it be nice to just remove that background? check also how to deploy Django on shared hosting


Well, you can do it easily and quickly with InPixio Free Photo Editing software for Bloggers. It is a digital photo editing software that has been dominating the industry for many years. It helps photo enthusiasts to delete or cut out the object, create photomontages, and optimize images.

Try this out and bring out the pro-photographer inside you.


  • Digital Retouching
  • Publish photo template
  • High-quality Raw image
  • Remove objects
  • Layers
  • Tools for sharing
  • Red-eye correction
  • Transparent Background

Device support – Desktop only

Os – windows only

User type – Beginners, mature, photographers

Price – $79.99/year.

10. Apple Photos

Apple! A brand that speaks its value. There is No doubt about the performance of its devices and software. 

So, this time it brings out the most Advanced Free Photo Editing software for Bloggers that supports AI-powered search. photos is a photo management and editing software developed by Apple.

Apple Photos

So if you are an Apple enthusiast then you should definitely check this one out.


  • Always on sidebar
  • Memories
  • AI support
  • Elegant filters
  • Curves adjustments
  • Touch bar controls
  • Selective color

Device support –  All Apple devices

Os – Macos, iOS 8, IPadOS(all version), watchOS.

User type – Beginners with Apple devices

Price – Free

11. BeFunky

Again, Befunky is a powerful photo editor software packed with lots of cool features and yet easy to use. It’s one of those versatile photo editor software where you can create Instagram posts, collages, and graphics for the web. 


Here you can turn your photo into cartoons, paintings, sketches, and more.


  • Crop & Resize photos
  • Artsy filters, Digital art
  • Background remover
  • Retouch portraits
  • Collage maker
  • Customizable design and templates
  • Thousand of vector graphics and icons.

Device support – Android 7.0 and up, iPhone, iPad,and iPad touch.

User type – absolute beginners

Price – $3.49/ month

12. Wix Photo Studio

Wix photo studio is for those who want to make their site more attractive and want to gain traffic in it. Basically in a nutshell this photo editor is the best Free Photo Editing Software for Bloggers, web developers.

You can enhance your site images with ease in the Wix photo studio, directly edit from right inside your browser there is no need to download complicated software.

The image editor is located within the Wix website builder. So, bloggers, you can check this out from there.


  • Makes blurry images clear
  • Overlay
  • Filters
  • Add text
  • Background change
  • Crop & Resize image
  • Adjust brightness, Exposure, saturation.

Device support – Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops

Os – any Operating system.

User type – web developer, Bloggers

Price – free

13. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a Free Photo Editing Software for Bloggers online and provides everything that you need to polish your shots in a snap. It prioritizes your creativity and makes it flow within you.

Photoshop Express

A software that has an easy-to-use interface and a bunch of advanced features.

So, perfect your picture with just a few clicks on this free online photo editor.


  • Crop & Resize image
  • Retouch images
  • Crafty filters
  • Rotate and flip images
  • Collage maker
  • Add text to your photos
  • Remove blemishes and spots
  • Photo enhancer 

Device support – Android, iOS, and iPad

User type – Beginners

Price – free 

14. Fotor

For is an online photo editor and design maker you can directly go to its website and edit your photos from there.


It has over 450+ million users across the world and billions of photos have been processed in this Editor.

You can easily adjust color, size, light, and more. Fotor offers a long and unique array of features to enhance your image like teeth whitening, wrinkle remover primarily made for social media sharing.


  • Basics adjustment 
  • Advance beauty effects
  • 80+ collage templates
  • Advanced HDR 
  • Custom design stickers
  • Portrait touch-Up

Device support – Mobile(Android, iOS), Desktop

Os – iOS, Windows

User type – Beginners, Intermediate, professional photographer.

Price – $8.99/ month


What is a Photo Editor?

A photo editor is software that enhances your raw photo by multiple changes in it to look slick on any platform.

What is the best free photo editing software for Bloggers?

According to some professional editors, GIMP is considered the Best photo editing software for free.

Is there a free program like Photoshop?

Yes, there are a variety of free programs like Photoshop such as GIMP, DPP, Canva, Pixel R, and many more.

Is there a free Photoshop?

Yes, again GIMP is a free photoshop

How can I edit photos for free?

There are many options available on the market. Some are mentioned in this article like GIMP, Befunky, Fotor, Canva, and many more. Where you can edit your photos for free.


Finally, after exploring these amazing free photo editing software for bloggers. One thing is definitely true that you don’t need to have any particular skill for editing your raw photos.

But while choosing an editor you have to keep your needs in mind. In other words, if you have to just do minor changes to your photo then you should go with simple online editing software or if you want to edit on a professional level then always go with the desktop editing software.

This will save both your time and money.