Best Chegg Alternatives in 2024: The internet is becoming an educational hub for students all around the world and so is the online education platform. The online education platform is getting more popular among the students because it is super easy to access, and the best part is that they don’t have to go anywhere. 

Chegg has been a leading online education platform by providing textbook rentals, textbook solutions, online tutoring, and other student services. Although there is no such problem with Chegg, there are also many platforms that are as good as Chegg or maybe better. 

Now you can surely check out those alternatives if you are not satisfied with Chegg, or you might need those new platforms in near future, Right? Who knows! And if you are planning to get an online education service for the first time then it’s wise to see all the options before opting for one. 

So guys welcome to Freedjango, today we are going to talk about the best Chegg alternatives in 2024, which can give a tough competition to Chegg and maybe outpower Chegg in near future. Now let’s get started. 

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an educational technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Chegg specializes in digital and physical textbook rental, online tutoring for particular subjects, and homework help. 

What is Chegg? The Best Chegg Alternatives in 2021

Chegg was created to help school and college students with everything they need, not only helping with their studies but also helping them with scholarships and internship opportunities. 

Services Offered at Chegg

If you are thinking Chegg is only limited to textbook rentals and online tutoring then it’s not. Chegg has come too far from where it started, now it has multiple services and solutions for students.

Let’s take a look at their study materials. They almost have books on different subjects for every school and college student. Students can buy them, rent them for as long as they need. Moreover, You can even sell or lend your books to others

Services Offered at Chegg

Now If you want any help with your study then you don’t need to worry at all. Chegg provides you with homework help, exam preparation, writing guides even it can help you solve maths. If you need any other kind of help or suggestion then you can also opt for an Expert Q&A to get answers to your questions.

If we talk about helping students financially and supporting them, then Chegg has been a lifesaver for many students. It helps you find an internship, helps you with career advice for whichever career you are choosing.

If you are into a program of coding then you are lucky, Chegg allows students to pay back their tuition fees after getting a job and they make you eligible to get a high-paying job with their Bootcamp program. If you don’t get a job within 6 months of completing your program then Chegg won’t take charge of you. 

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Top Best Chegg Alternatives 

Now It’s time for the top best Chegg alternatives that are quite capable to compete with Chegg. So let’s take a look at these alternatives. 

Top Best Chegg Alternatives 

#1. PaperHelp

If you have low skills with your writing then this Chegg alternative can help you with everything to make your writing better. Paper help is one of the leading writing solutions for students. Till now they have helped 105000 students with their writing. 


There are multiple services that Paperhelp provides to students – Essay help, College paper help, Assignment help, Research paper help, and many more. The best part is they provide you guarantee of no plagiarized content and they have experienced writers to get your work done. 

You can also earn by Paperhelp’s referral program where you’ll get 10% for each referral to your friends. There is also a reward system where you can earn $25, $50, $100 by referring 5,10, and 20 friends.  

#2. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform and one of the best Chegg alternatives offering thousands of online courses and specializations for students around the world. You can take up courses in Business, Computer, Information technology, Arts & Humanities, and even sports.

This Chegg alternative has partnered with 200+ universities like Imperial College, Stanford University, and even Google and IBM to create the best programs for students. 


With Coursera, you can complete a degree program by paying significantly lower costs than campus-based programs. You don’t have to worry about the course standard because all of their Bachelors’s and Master’s degree courses are powered by big names like Princeton and Yale University.

Moreover, they offer you 2000+ free courses on their platform. You don’t need to be online all the time to do your studies, because you can easily download study material and read offline whenever you want. 

#3. Stack Exchange

Launched in 2010, this Chegg alternative is the biggest platform for the online QnA community on the web. Stack Exchange is the most trusted place for developers to learn and exchange their knowledge to build their careers. 

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange currently consists of 170 websites covering multiple various topics which include, Computer programming, Music, Gaming, Mathematics, Graphic designing, etc. Stack Exchange has monthly visits of 838.7 million and almost 3.3 million questions asked on a monthly basis. 

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#4. Grademiners

Grademiners is a quite popular essay writing service based in Ukraine since 2005. They have multiple writing solutions for students including Assignments, Coursework, Lab paper, Research proposal. It also helps out students with Cover letters and resumes making.


The best part about Grademiner is they guarantee you with their services.

  • 97% of projects are delivered on time.
  • Original writing from scratch.
  • Money-back guarantees if the instructions were not followed. 


If you need to read a lot of books or you don’t want to spend too much money on your textbook then Biggerbooks is the place you should visit. You can save up to 91% if you use Biggerbooks.

You can buy or rent any books that are available in their collection, and your product will be shipped by time. They also provide you with an eTextbook which you can access instantly.

On top of that, Students can also earn money by selling their textbooks to BiggerBooks.

#6. Writers Per Hour

Writers Per Hour is an online 24×7 custom writing service and one of the best Chegg alternatives. The company provides a wide range of services like academic writing, business writing, creative writing, letter writing, report writing, technical writing, etc. 

Writers Per Hour

Writers per Hour has a team of highly skilled writers in a wide range of subjects as per your need. They assure you with high quality, accurate, authentic plagiarism-free content and also have customer service around the clock. 

#7. Book Finder

BookFinder is one of the oldest book renting platforms in the market since 1997. This Chegg alternative is also known for the cheapest price of books on their platforms. 

Book Finder

You can find used textbooks, rare books, new and out-of-print books, and compare their prices from 10000 booksellers worldwide. The most interesting fact is you can choose a specific edition of a book that you want. 

#8. TutorBin

TutorBin is one of the best eLearning platforms from Haryana, India. TutorBin provides multiple student solutions in one place including Homework help, project and lab work, Essay writer, Math problem solver, and video solutions for multiple subjects. 

TutorBin provides a 24×7 student solution in an easy process. You can attend a live online homework help or a live session and ask your problem and question in the chatbox. The best part about TutorBin is you can put the deadline of your project and they will make sure to deliver your work on time. 


TutorBin has recently launched its online math solving platform to help you with Matrix, Calculus, Linear system,  and many more.

On top of that students can also teach on their platform by working from anywhere. They can get weekly payments by teaching your favourite subjects from 100 subjects of all fields. 

#9. 24 Hour Answers

If you are looking for quick and affordable online tutoring for college homework help from a team of professional tutors then 24 Hour Answer is a great platform and one of the best Chegg alternatives. 

24 Hour Answers

Get assistance with homework assignments, practice questions, laboratory write-ups, and more 24×7. Get connected with live tutors tutoring multiple topics with whiteboard technology. You don’t have to pay monthly or weekly to 24 hours Answers, you can directly contact the tutor and negotiate the price with them. 

#10 99Papers

99Papers is the cheapest yet best fast writing solution and a  great Chegg alternative. It provides you with multiple writing solutions from the high school level. 


Their experts follow a strict Anti-plagiarism policy and ensure 100% originality to your content. You can simply fill an order form and give your instruction. After that, you get to connect with a dedicated writer for your essay, and when it gives you an option to approve to download the file.

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#11. SellBackBooks

Now the last Chegg alternative on this list is not a solution for online tutoring or a book renting platform. Sellbackbooks is a place where students can sell their old used books at a good price. 


AAll you have to do is just visit their website and use the search bar with your book name or ISBN name to get the estimated price and boom. SelbackBooks will pay you and also take care of shipping their books to them. 

Best Websites like Chegg to earn money in India

There are plenty of platforms like Chegg that allow students to earn a few bucks in India. Students just need to have some skills or they can sell their old study material which they no longer use for themselves. 

Platforms like SellBackBooks, Bigger books can fill your pocket if you have your old study materials on your bookshelf. You can easily sell your books at a good price and also make them useful for other students. 

Best Websites like Chegg to earn money in India

Now if you have good knowledge of a particular subject and you are an Indian student then Tutor Bin is the best platform to utilize your skills into a good-to-go profit. 


You can join their program and start tutoring your favourite subjects to get paid. 


Is there a free alternative to Chegg?

All the Chegg alternatives charge you a certain amount for their services. However, Coursera is a platform where you can get more than 2000+ courses and specialization free of cost. 

Is Chegg just cheating?

Chegg does not promote any stuff like cheating or anything related to it. But there are students who are tempted to use Chegg for cheating which is completely wrong and unethical. 

Who are Chegg competitors?

There are many competitors of Chegg in the market. Some of the best competitors of Chegg are PaperHelp, Coursera, 99papers, Slader, and many more.

Is there any other company like Chegg?

Yes, there are many other companies as an alternative to Chegg. Coursera, PaperHelp and TutorBin are some of the best ones. 

Get Started with Best Chegg alternatives websites

So that was all about the Best Chegg alternatives in 2024 available in the market. Some of them provide great online learning services with live classes, live Q&A, Math problem solving, etc. 

There are some alternatives that allow students to complete their college graduation and master’s degree from a renowned university at a cheaper cost than on-campus degrees. 

Students can also rent, buy old used books at a cheaper cost from some platforms, and the best part is students can also earn money by selling their old used books at a decent price. There are platforms that also allow others to teach on their platform and give them a space to earn money. 

Now if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this article then feel free to comment down your thoughts. Thanks for visiting We’ll see you soon with another topic.