VPS hosting, also known as virtual private servers, is a basic necessity for every blogger or business owner with more than 1000 real-time traffic on their website.

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I know you are here for the best web hosting providers which offer a free VPS trial that works.

There are plenty of web hosting providers which offer VPS trials but do you know only some of them are legit and in this article, I will be mentioning the most genuine Free VPS trial without a credit card.

I will mention the five best web hosting providers that offer Free VPS trial 1 year or VPS free trial 30 days (can’t be so specific in this 😛).


You will learn about some points that might help you purchase the right and the most suitable VPS hosting. 

So, let’s get started with the basics.

What is VPS Hosting? 

It stands for Virtual private server, and it is a bit more expensive than shared hosting and there are plenty of reasons behind this.


The name defines it all, Virtual Private Server, your private server.

How can I forget dedicated IP? And do you know dedicated IPs also help you in SEO? (YES!!!)

With VPS hosting, you get your own server space for your websites. Your website will load faster, get better rankings on search engines.


I was going to tell you about VPS hosting, and I’m stuck in mentioning its merits, or I can say features.

Never mind, let’s come to the point.

What is VPS Hosting? 

We divide a dedicated server into sub-parts using a virtualization process and sell each space to one user with reliable resources. 

Now you know what VPS hosting is. If you’re still feeling stuck, read the next one! I aim to give you the best information possible! 😝

Your hosting server is reserved for you, so you won’t have to share RAM, CPU, or any data with other users.

Why Choose Free VPS Trial? 

There’s a very famous quote said by a wise woman just like me 😜. 

First you try, then you buy.

I will agree with her. First, you try free VPS hosting trials, and then you buy VPS hosting without credit cards.

Once you start using free VPS trials, you can judge whether the free VPS hosting provider offers you legit services or waste your time🤬.

I would like to recommend that you analyze your usage with every single requirement and remember this is not a free VPS for a lifetime.

After a certain period, you are supposed to upgrade and use a premium VPS hosting service. The VPS hosting service must suit your pocket.here you can also get Best Forex VPS Hosting Server

Now let us read about to(how to choose the best VPS free trial) 

How to choose the Best VPS Free Trial for 30 Days in 2023?

Now I will help you select a VPS hosting provider or say what to look for in a VPS web hosting provider.

  • Dedicated IP’s
  • Server Uptime
  • Bandwidth
  • Latest hard drives
  • Customer Support
  • Cost Of VPS Hosting after your free VPS trial ends.

Above mentioned were some points that make any regular web hosting provider call themselves the best web hosting provider. 

Best Free VPS Trial No Credit Card for 30 Days 

Now let us plunge into the 5 best free VPS trial hosting providers, also. Don’t forget they are not the best VPS hosting provider; they offer a Free VPS trial without a credit card

#1. Kamatera 

If you want to build your own VPS server, trust me Kamatera is the best choice for you.  You can scroll from multiple operating systems, multiple processors, multiple data centre locations and multiple memory options.

kamatera Free VPS Trials

Kamatera can be your right choice for a free VPS hosting trial with no credit card. Although they do offer multiple payment methods.  Select the method which suits you the most and get started.


  • Instant scaling up or down as required
  • 99.95% uptime guaranteed
  • No hardware maintenance
  • The low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Simple backup and monitoring
  • Unmatched pricing
  • Server set-up in minutes

Plans and Pricing 

Kamatera offers you to build your custom server and this is the best thing about Kamatera.

kamatera Free VPS Trials

You can also select the type of server you need and the data center locations. Kamatera offers you multiple server locations.

#2. Vultr 

Fastest VPS hosting provider which offers the latest hardware with the most powerful bare-metal servers.

Vultr free vps trials

Vultr offers one of the most hardcore web hosting services to its users with excellent uptime. Let us take a look at their features.


  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Optimised virtualization
  • Servers are built for hardcore performance  

Plans and Pricing 

You can scroll through multiple industries leading web hosting plans which will let you work on your online project with full efficiency and robust features.here you can also get HOW TO GET FREE RDP Server FOR 1 YEAR

Vultr free vps trials

#3. DigitalOcean 

One of the most reliable VPS hosting providers with very affordable VPS hosting plans. The company fertilize their bare metal servers with highly optimised virtualization process.

DigitalOcean VPS free trials


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Built-in CDN
  • Hassle-Free Setup
  • Instant Deployment

Plans and Pricing 

Digital ocean offers multiple web hosting solutions with quite an affordable web hosting plans. You can also use the app platform for $0 and container registry at $0. 

DigitalOcean VPS free trials

#4. CloudWays 

CloudWays is one of the most famous VPS web hosting providers. There are flexible hosting plans with high-end support and you can count on this web hosting provider because this VPS hosting provider offers you top-notch web-based customer support and excellent uptime.


  • Guaranteed Server Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Flexibility extends to the server selection

Plans and Pricing

As you can see the company offers 4 web hosting plans which offer you an industry-leading web hosting service. Also, you can see the hosting plans are quite affordable as compared to their features.

Free VPS Trial No Credit Card Required for 30 days 2023 

#5. ClubVPS

CloudVPS offers you 2x better performance than any other VPS web hosting provider and this company has been in the market for 20+ years. Still, they strive to offer the best VPS hosting and try to improve by taking legit customer feedback.

ClubVPS vps free trials for 30 days

This web hosting provider can be called the affordable VPS web hosting provider. I mean you literally pay on an hourly basis. 


  • Established Localized 13 Data Centers
  • Custom Server Specs selection
  • SSD Drives
  • 40 Gbit/sec
  • UpTo 33 CPU selection
  • Extended daily backup
  • Hardware Firewall Layer

Plans and Pricing 

ClubVPS is an old and flexible VPS hosting provider which lets you use their service with the most open environment and do you know you can pay on an hourly basis. This is the most exciting part about CLUBVPS.Here you can also get Best Django VPS Hosting

Fill your credentials and get started with them right now!

clubvps vps free trials


How to get a free trial VPS?

To get a free VPS trial click on the link provided below each and every site and visit the web hosting provider, select your plan, signup, get verified, fill in all the required credentials. You are good to go. 

What is the best VPS for free?

The best VPS for free is provided by Kamatera, and did you know? Kamatera is famous for its custom VPS plans and the VPS hosting is also quite remarkable. 

How can I get a free VPS without a credit card?

You can get Free VPS hosting without a credit card from various web-hosting providers, but the most famous and prominent ones are Kamatera and Vultr.

Get Started with free VPS Trial without Credit card

Ooh unfortunately the time came with I am going to wrap up this article, but it was quite interesting to tell you about the Free VPS trial no credit card 1 year. 

Also, I helped you with some basic information like what is VPS and how to select or choose the right VPS hosting for you.

You still got some queries? Don’t worry I’m here for you. Feel free to ask me in the comment section below and if you liked my article don’t forget to share it with your friend’s and make them aware of the Free VPS Trial.

Happy Hosting Guys 👋.