Working towards building your career in web development or digital marketing, you will learn a lot about various types of CMS. 

If you are still in college and a technical student at that, you will be required to create websites from scratch for various projects and brownie points. Django hosting for students facilitates you to get started on your projects and assignments right away.

Django is a python-based web framework that was built for developers and marketers with some technical knowledge and an aptitude for coding.

The framework provides a web developer or a student with a configurable page layout and various customizable themes allowing you to build your very own secure website.

As a student, you might still be figuring out what to do with your future. Also, not all students have the budget to invest too much in college projects. 

Django Hosting for Students are plans configured keeping the requirements of students in mind. This allows you to earn some extra points with your teachers. 

Django Hosting for Students 

Django includes a lightweight web server that makes it popular with students for web development projects. They can test a serialization system to produce and read XML and JSON representation of Django model instances.

A student does not always have the monetary means to invest in projects. But being a student it is highly important to invest your time, energy and efforts in creating these projects. 

Best Django hosting for Students

Keeping all this in mind, certain Hosting providers have introduced customized Hosting plans that let you host your Django website. A VPS Hosting is the best bet when it comes to Django websites as it offers high performance, flexibility, and affordability.

In this blog, we have listed a few of the best hosting providers that deliver the most customizable plans for Django hosting for students, Also check Django Interview Questions and Answers.

1. PythonAnyWhere

PythonAnywhere comes pre-installed with Django and various other modules allowing you to make your app live in just a few minutes. 

With PythonAnywhere, all you have to is upload your code and add setup requirements such as virtualenv, static files, environment variables, etc. After, you just have to set up your web app using the manual configuration option.

Pythonanywhere Django hosting for Students

This Web app will be created via the Web tab and is then configured with a WSGI file that helps import your Django project.

If it’s being said that PythonAnywhere provides the best abstraction, then there must be a reason for it. 

Below are certain features that prove the fact that it most certainly is the best place for deploying your Django app or website.

Key features

  • One-click configuration
  • Easy to deploy
  • Access to Python, Bash, and MySQL consoles
  • Provides SSH access
  • Provides access to external sites from your code
  • Its simple automation system allows you to run your Python scripts periodically
  • You can write your programming in a web-based editor allowing you to write and edit your codes from anywhere. 
  • You can display a gold star right next to your name in the forums
  • Allows you to share your consoles with other people for easy usability
  • Current CPU usage is displayed on the main console page
  • CPU and Bandwidth are allotted as per your requirements and have a soft limit to them.  
  • It provides a python environment, both for students as well as teachers who want to establish a space for students to do coding.
  • Easy scalability- you can upgrade your account anytime.


CustomStartupWeb DeveloperHackerBeginner
Price$5 to $500/month$99/month$12/month$5/month$0/month
Monthly billingYesYesYesYesYes
Money backYesYesYesYesYes
Python web applicationsYou choose3211
At your-username.pythonanywhere.comYesYesYesYesYes
At your own domainYesYesYesYesNo
Web workers per web appYou choose25321
Python, Bash, MySQL consolesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUp to 2
SSH access to your accountvia ssh.pythonanywhere.comYesYesYesYesNo
Scheduled tasksLike cron, but simpler20, hourly or daily20, hourly or daily20, hourly or daily20, hourly or daily1 daily task
Always-on tasksTasks that are always runningYou choose111No
CPU allowancemore infoYou choose10,000 seconds4,000 seconds2,000 seconds100 seconds
Bandwidthmore infoDepends on priceHighMediumLowLow
Private file storageYou choose50GB5GB1GB512 MB


PythonAnywhere provides email, forum, and feedback support from expert developers. The questions are answered within a few hours especially if you have asked for support during their work hours. They don’t send out automated replies. Instead aad every unique question gets a unique answer

Our Verdict 

With Them providing such great services and support, who won’t want to run apps in the environment they provide. It allows you to access your work from anywhere. This means that you can work on your codes and programs from any system, laptop, tabs, etc. no matter where you are. 

2. Amazon Web Services 

There are various large-scale companies using AWS for their cloud computing network like Netflix, Hitachi, AirBnB, etc. 

AWS Free Django hosting for Students

AWS allows easy scalability, flexibility, security, and global availability in your budget. It lets you create websites, games, and mobile, web, and social apps in a secure and easy-to-use environment.

Key features

  • AWS provides a secure environment to host your Django project
  • It offers a Virtual private Cloud for added flexibility
  • Global data centers
  • Easy scalability
  • Includes tool-kits like analytics
  • Provides free hosting service for beginners
  • Offers global CDN for increased speed
  • It also offers step by step tutorials
  • You can launch your apps in just a few steps and within minutes.


Using the AWS Price calculator, you can get an estimate of the cost applicable for hosting your Django project on AWS. All you have to do is add and configure the services you require and get an estimated bill. 

This is where it gets a little complicated and you might be required to go through some tutorials for using this price calculator if you are just a beginner and not aware of how it works also, check django hosting in australia.

If you are using the free beginner hosting plan, you have to be sure to use the resources within limits or you will be charged as per their pay-as-you-go feature.

The plans start at $0.08 per hour and increase as you add other resources and products. 


They offer top-notch and exemplary customer support. The support executives are highly knowledgeable and experts in their respective fields. You just have to submit your support request and they get back to you ASAP. 

They also offer self-service in case you want to upgrade your service and Knowledge center for common issues. 

Our Verdict 

If you are a little tech-savvy, this might be a good choice for you. Their pay-as-you-go feature makes it an affordable choice for students who are not looking for long-term hosting commitments. 

3. OpenShift 

Open Shift is also one of the best django Hosting for students and it’s cloud application deployment and hosting platform offered by Red Hat. Here you can build, deploy and manage Django-based applications. 

OpenShift Django hosting for students

It also allows container management to enhance project productivity and offers admin and developer views for respective purposes. It makes the site management task easy and much more organized and functional. 

Through developer view, you can access app resources that are enclosed within respective schemas

Key features

  • Container management makes the development process quicker and lets the developers utilize their time efficiently.
  • You can use languages and tools of your preference on Red hat OpenShift. It also comes with images and templates making your app development more fun and quick, all through single clicks. 
  • You can easily manage and launch your applications through OpenShift’s responsive web management console.
  • Their standardized workflow and continuous integration make development easier and streamlined.
  • It offers a 30-days free trial. So if you only want hosting services for your college product, you are good to go with this.


Base price$50.00 / month per region
Free Trial30 Days
What is it good for?Professional projects and hosting
Memory2GiB included (up to 48GiB available)
$25 / month per additional GiB
Terminating memory2GiB included (up to 20GiB available)
$25 / month per additional GiB
Persistent storage2GiB included (up to 150GiB available)
$1 / month per additional GiB
Project collaborationYes
Custom domainsYes
Scheduled jobsYes


The help center provides EBooks and documentation that will help you in the deployment of your Django app.

You can also reach their customer service through call and email. The calls make it easier to get your time-sensitive issues resolved.

Our Verdict 

OpenShift django hosting for students is provides a range of containerization products that make app development and deployment more easy and fast. They offer amazing services when it comes to app resources, user management, and functionality. 

They also offer call support which makes it clear that Red Hat OpenShift understands that time is of the essence in the development field.

4. Heroku

It is one of the most popular Django Hosting for college students. Heroku offers a cloud-based, fully managed platform that allows easy deployment of apps. It allows you to utilize more of your time on skill development.

Heroku Django hosting for students

It enhances your productivity, offers transparency and control, comes with built-in support for collaboration, quick deployment, and provides an exceptional auditing interface.

Key features

  • It offers reliable and secure PostgreSQL. 
  • The setup is easy with simple scaling. 
  • It also allows database forking and continuous protection.
  • It offers Heroku Redis which is a popular key-value data store. It comes with built-in support of different languages and provides powerful data types. 
  • It offers scalability and flexibility.
  • Heroku has pre-integrated services like MySQL, Treasure Data, SendGrid, etc. 
  • It also comes with a roll-back feature allowing you to go back to the previous version of your code or database.
  • You can monitor throughput, response times, error, CPU load, and memory. 
  • GitHub Integration lets you set up auto-deploy your app to any preferred branch.


Free and HobbyProductionAdvancedEnterprise
Price$0 and up per month$25 and up per month$250 and up per monthContact Sales for custom pricing
Best FeaturesNon-commercial apps,such as proof of concepts,MVPs, and personal projects.Business-focused apps,such as customer-facingor internal web apps and APIs.Mission-critical apps withcomplex functionality thatrequire high availability,very low latency,and handling a high volumeof concurrent requests.Apps that meet the control,compliance,and collaboration needs oflarge scale organizations.


Heroku offers 12/5 support for those who are using their free services and 24/7 to those who have a premium subscription.

You can reach out to them through Stack Overflow, their help portal, and the dev center. They also have different support channels for sales, accounts and billings, and add-ons.

Our Verdict 

Heroku is also a best django hosting for students is an free Hosting services, Heroku provides great server speed, functionality, and enough resources for a beginner or a student who only needs it for their project report. 

The support system would be a little slow if you are opting for the free services but if you go through their knowledge base, there is a possibility that you might not even need support. 

5. GoogieHost

GoogieHost was built from the ground up keeping the struggles of students and new entrepreneurs in mind. 

So if you are looking for free Django Hosting for students, they might be the right solution you are looking for.

All you have to do is follow this process:


Start free Hosting>Fill The Signup Form>Enter cpanel>Start building your website>Publish

Key features

  • You can access Cloud-based free web hosting.
  • The free Django hosting provides enough resources to help you launch your website with average traffic.
  • Free and user-friendly cPanel for easy administration of hosting. 
  • Free Builder allows you to create your website with minimal programming knowledge. This is also a great choice for content developers or digital marketers that are not very tech-savvy.
  • If you have your own domain name, then that’s well and good. But if you don’t, then you can use their free sub-domain service to get your website started.
  • Softaculous Auto Installer allows you to install various scripts with a single click and launch your site within minutes.
  • Amazing and easy-to-understand Knowledge base and blog tutorials.


FREEPremium- $1.2/mo
Storage1000 MB5000 MB
BandwidthUnlimited50000 MB
SupportKnowledge BaseEmail24/7/365 Phone,Live Chat & Email
Lite SpeedNoYes
Data Center1Your Choice


They offer 24/7 support and you can reach out to them through Knowledge Base, Blog, or their forum where they offer help almost instantaneously.

The support is kind, considerate, and quite knowledgeable. 

Our Verdict 

They are one of my absolute favorites, especially because they are absolutely free hosting providers.

All their plans and packages were made keeping students and young entrepreneurs ready to launch their start-ups in mind. 

6. eApps

eApps is a one of the best django hosting for students service provider that offers a wide range of data security, performance, geo-spanning config programs, and services.

It offers the best platforms like Private Cloud (PvC), Virtual Cloud Server (VCS), Platform as a Service (PaaS). 

eApps Django hosting for students

These offer flexible, manageable, customizable, adjustable, and quite secure web servers for managing workloads.

They offer great hosting for your Django project and are even amazing at enterprise levels. 

Key features

  • They offer redundant SSD storage, CDN, and Uptime monitoring.
  • You also get DDoS Protection and Web App Firewall (WAF) to make sure that your website is secure. 
  • Their regular backup service allows you to relax in the knowledge that your data will remain safe and secure
  • It offers custom-sized and a private computing environment
  • They offer standard or unmanaged as well as fully managed services
  • You get full API access
  • They run on pay for what you use model
  • You get 14 days free trial, enough to complete your project and get amazing scores.


Space15 GB25 GB75 GB150 GB
Visit Basic Visit Advanced Visit PremiumVisit Enterprise


They offer call, Skype, VoIP support which makes it easy for us to get instant help and a better understanding of the solution as it is quicker and the chances of misunderstandings are diminished.

It saves a lot of your valuable time. They offer great support and they have an expert support system that does its best to resolve all your queries.

Our Verdict 

They have a free trial of only 14 days, which means if your project does not get scored within that time, you might be in trouble.

But if you are sure that there won’t be any time-lag, then you may go for their offered services. They provide up to par services with amazing customer support.


  • Where can I host Django for free?

    Video marketing tools

    There are various hosting providers that offer free Django hosting. A few of them are PythonAnywhere, AWS, Red hat OpenShift, Heroku, GoogieHost, and eApps.

    Some of them only offer a free trial period like eApps, whereas some like GoogieHost are completely free Hosting providers. 

  • Where can I host my Django site?

    There are various premium Django hosting providers like PythonAnywhere and AWS where you can host your site.

    There are few server specifications that need to be kept in mind when you are deciding on a hosting provider. 

    However, this also depends on your level of engagement. If you are only looking for launching a website for a college project, you can even go for a minimum level of resources.

    however, if you are expecting high traffic and are creating one on the enterprise level, then you would likely have to invest in quality as well as quantity of resources.

  • How do I host my Django server?

    Django Hosting australia

    Follow these steps to host Django server:

    1. Create a virtual Python environment using virtualenv
    2. Use pip installer to install Django
    3. Once Django is installed, you can create and deploy any Django app or website on your web server.

  • Can GoDaddy host Django?

    Yes, GoDaddy supports Django websites. They recommend VPS or dedicated hosting for deploying your Django apps and sites.

    Once you have decided on a hosting plan, you can install Python or Django using cPanel.

  • Which is the Best Django Hosting with Custom Domain?

    YouStable, Host Armada, and A2Hosting, all provide Django Hosting with custom domains.

    They also offer premium services but in an affordable price range. The quality of service and support they offer are less to none. 


Our listing and reviewing of the Best Django Hosting for Students come to an end here. To summarize, our favorite free Django hosting for students were:

  1. PythonAnywhere– lets you work from anywhere, anytime
  2. Amazon Web Services- pay as you go feature lets you pay only for the resources you are using
  3. OpenShift: easy to use container management
  4. Heroku- cloud-based fully managed platform
  5. GoogieHost- 100% free Django hosting
  6. eapps- a wide range of data security and geo-spanning config programs.

If you think we missed out on a great hosting provider, do let us know. You can also tell us your experiences if you have used any of the above hosting services to deploy your Django app or site.