If you are a webmaster, let me ask you a few questions.  Do you use the Django framework for your projects?


Are you new to Django and looking for the best Django Hosting Australia in 2024? If yes, then we can help you. 

Python is one of the most popular and fastest-growing programming languages ​​in the world, and Django is written in Python. 

I think now you can guess the reason for the ever-increasing popularity of the Django framework for new projects.

Today, we have come up with a list of the Best Django Hosting Australia in 2024. 

These Hosting services provide a complete Hosting solution so that you can relax and observe yourself growing. So, here we go!

Best Django Hosting Australia Comparison 

We tested well-known foreign hosting services and compiled a rating of the 5 best services of 2024. The main advantages are speed of work, security, and reliability.

Most hosting sites have a free trial period and favorable registration conditions. The choice of Western hosting providers is often determined not only by their current technical level but also by their history. 

Django Hosting australia

Some hosters have been operating since the days when the number of domains on the Internet was in the hundreds and thousands. Hence – the vast experience and confidence of users that the sites on these companies’ servers will always be available to customers.

Most foreign hosting companies have special programs that offer optimized tools to work with the best free CMS and eCommerce platforms.

 This allows webmasters to concentrate on project development using proven solutions, and not delve into the technical features of engine optimization and web server administration.

Let’s have a look at their comparison!

Best Django Hosting Australia 2024

Companies Features Visit 
Interserver Logo Free Django 1. Pocket Friendly 
2. No high renewal costs
3. Discounted domain names
4. Host unlimited websites
5. Free website migration

Visit Site
a2hosting Django Hosting1. Automatic backup
2. 24/7 operation monitoring
3. The professional customer service team
4. High scalability
5. Free SSL and CDN

Visit Site 
hostarmada FreeDjango1. Amazingly Fast Speed
2. Highly reliable Customer Support
3. Free Domain Name
3. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
4. Free Website migration
5. Multiple Datacenters

Visit Site  
youstable free django1. Advanced security features
2. Knowledge-based customer support in both Hindi and English. 
3. Provide secondary custom control panel 
4. Great Uptime guarantee
5. Extremely economical 

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HostPapa free django logo1. Uptime (99.99%)
2. Great customer support
3. High-performance WordPress hosting
4. Free security add-ons
5. Easy e-commerce installation
6. Free website migration

Visit Site 

1. Interserver 

InterServer maily famous for VPS Hosting it’s a time-tested company, popular among webmasters. 

You get a variety of features which include a convenient hosting control panel, CMS installation, optimal configuration, and a free domain. All the services are available at highly affordable rates.

Django australia Hosting

Servers are based on powerful hardware and SSD-drives, which ensures fast loading of web pages and smooth operation of the site as a whole. 

To manage the site, a proprietary control panel is used, which has a pleasant-looking interface.

Also, the company gives out pleasant discounts to its clients, which can be availed while purchasing their plans.

Other Hosting advantages include a wide range of versatile tariffs, Powerful hardware, a stable network, responsive technical support staff, and the ability to evaluate all the pros and cons on a free test.

For novices, InterServer makes the best choice!

Plans and Pricing 

$ 5/mo$ 8/mo$ 8/mo
Unlimited websites/domains 25 websites/ domains1 websites/ domains
Unlimited Parked domains10 Parked domains1 Parked domains
No daily backupsNo daily backupsDaily backups


InterServer provides highly appreciable customer support. All questions will be quickly answered by technical support, working 24/7.


Now, coming to the security. InterServer offers highly secure servers. Your data is absolutely safe and complete privacy is maintained.

Our thought 

Being the first recommended option, InterSever is worth trying. The services and support are great which makes it a perfect choice for webmasters. 

2. A2 Hosting- Best Managed/Unmanaged Web Hosting 

Our next stop is A2 Hosting. It is one of the most popular Django hosting Australia. 

The data centers of A2 Hosting are located in Michigan (USA), Arizona (USA), and Amsterdam (Europe). 

The convenience of the control panel is great!

Django Australia Hosting

Users rate A2 Django Hosting very highly, especially when it comes to the support team. The 99.9% uptime promise will ensure that your website is up and running without missing any customers. 

Due to its reasonable price and powerful features, A2 Hosting has been consistently ranked among the top of Django hosting rankings.

 Other notable features include unlimited space and bandwidth. Additionally, you can also perform free site transfer through A2 hosting.  

So, if you are looking for something unique and satisfactory, go for A2 Hosting!

Plans and Pricing 

StartUpDrive Turbo Boost Turbo Max
$ 2.99/mo$ 4.99/mo$ 9.99/mo$ 14.99/mo
1 websiteUnlimited websitesUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
100 GB SSD Storage Unlimited SSD StorageUnlimited NVMe StorageUnlimited NVMeStorage
Free & Easy Site migrationFree & easy site migrationFree & easy site migrationFree & easy site migration
No automatic backupsFree Automatic backups Free Automatic backupsFree Automatic backups 
Money-back guaranteeMoney-back guaranteeMoney-back guaranteeMoney-back guarantee


Believe me, you will get the most reliable support here. You can contact A2 Hosting’s support team by phone. 

Also, you can use live chat, send an email, or open a customer support ticket to contact the technical support staff.


A2 Hosting is known for its extremely secure services.  They offer highly secure services and they make sure that your data is absolutely safe. 

Our thought  

A2 Hosting all the necessary features needed for your website. A2 Hosting is no doubt, one of the best options to try in the market. 

3. HostArmada– Best Cloud Hosting

HostArmada is another very popular Django Hosting provider. It has been operating since 2019. 

It offers stunning services to its users. HostArmada is a reliable provider offering a user-friendly control panel, an advanced file manager, free SSL certificates at all tariffs. 

Django Australia Hosting

Site backups are performed regularly. You can install any popular CMS automatically through the control panel.

Salient features include round-the-clock support, an Intuitive control panel easy for a beginner to master, Free site transfer, CMS auto-installation, Powerful threat protection, regular scans for malicious files. 

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What else do you need?

HostArmada offers an impressive range of plans that allows the users to choose the perfect one as per their needs.

All you are expected to do is purchase their hosting and relax! 

Plans and Pricing

Start Dock Web Warp Speed Reaper
$ 3.99 /mo$ 4.69 /mo$ 5.66 /mo
1 websiteUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
15 GB SSD Cloud storage 30 GB SSD Cloud storage 40  GB SSD Cloud storage 
Unmetered BandwidthUnmetered BandwidthUnmetered Bandwidth
7 Daily Backups 14 Daily Backups 21 Daily Backups 


HostArmada provides extremely trustworthy customer support. If problems arise, you can contact the technical support service, where you will receive answers to their questions in a relatively short time.


HostArmada provides commendable security to its users. Trust me, you will never face the fear of your data being leaked or damaged. 

Our thought 

HostArmada is a great option to choose from. Trust me they will never let you down.

4. YouStable- Best Support and Affordable

Now, coming to my most favorite Django Hosting provider. It was established in 2016 and is now one of the leading hosting companies.

It is the best Hosting company offering everything that a webmaster would require for the perfect functioning of the website. 


YouStable is one of the best choices in the market!

The client will find almost all the services he needs. A large selection of tariffs at highly affordable prices allows you to choose the most suitable option for the parameters like performance, operating system, CMS, etc.

YouStable is ideal for beginners who want to run their own online projects.

Other excellent features include Unlimited traffic, Protection against virus attacks, Fast site performance, Multiple administration panels, and supports of most operating systems.

You can trust the company blindly, they will never let you down! 

Plans and Pricing 

Python Hosting Bundle: 3.29/mo


You can get support from YouStable via email, phone, and live chat. Moreover, they provide bilingual support i.e in both Hindi and English, so if you are a citizen of India, they are the best. 


YouStable offers a high level of security. It makes sure that your data is absolutely protected and safe. 

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Our thought 

YouStable is one of a kind! This is the perfect solution for all your hosting needs. 

5. Hostpapa 

Our next recommendation is a Canadian host i.e HostArmada.  Its data center is located in the United States. 

It has already won the trust of many companies and private webmasters. Users can access inexpensive virtual hosting at highly slahed down prices. 

Django Hosting Australia

To appreciate the benefits of a company, you can start with a minimal set of services. An unusual billing is implemented here.

 The client independently forms the package, choosing the services that he needs, which determines the final cost. 

The hoster offers unlimited traffic using standard or dedicated IP.

The benefits include a solid range of services, promotional offers that make hosting really inexpensive, a convenient control panel that works without glitches and brakes, automatic CMS installation.

If you are looking for inexpensive hosting, then you should opt for HostPapa. 

Plans and Pricing 

StartBusinessBusiness Pro
$ 2.95/ mo$ 5.95 / mo$ 5.95/mo
2 websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites 
Free Domain registrationFree Domain registrationFree Domain registration
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered BandwidthUnmetered Bandwidth
100 GB SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage Unlimited SSD Storage 


HostPapa provides round-the-clock customer support. You will be guided by professionals whenever you feel stuck up. I


HostPapa provides an SSL Certificate that verifies a website’s identity.  Also, the data is encrypted between the website and its server.  

Our thought 

HostPapa is a wonderful Django Hosting provider. Believe me, you will get almost everything right here!

How We Test and Pick the Best Django Hosting Australia for You?

We keep in the mind the following factors before recommending any hosting to our readers. 

  1. We determine the type of hosting
  2. We calculate the number of resources
  3. We choose parameters for your tasks
  4.  The level of security is determined
  5. We take into account growth prospects

What makes a Best Django Hosting?

The Best Django Hosting with custom Domain fulfills each and every demand of the webmaster that too at economical rates. 

The right hosting will provide continuous availability or fault tolerance, Ample Disk space and RAM, Good Processor power (CPU / CPU), and enough Traffic.

How to Choose the Best Django Hosting Australia for your Website?

Here are some basic criteria that you should definitely pay attention to when evaluating the quality of a hosting provider.

Django Australia Hosting

1- Selected CMS support

If you have already chosen which CMS (Content Management System) your site will run on, make sure your hosting provider supports it.

Various options are possible here. For example, WordPress is supported by all hosting services, since it is the most popular CMS in the world.

2- Design and interface

We evaluate the site design. Qualitative? Does it look modern? Fine! Now go to your personal account.

3- Where is the server physically located?

It is imperative to clarify where the servers are physically located on which the site will be located.

If your visitors live mainly in the US, then the server must also be in the US. The closer the server is to visitors, the faster the site will load for them.

4- Fast WordPress installation in a few clicks

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Therefore, most hosting providers support this engine. 

5- Automatic backups

Some hosting providers offer an automatic backup of all files and databases. This is a very useful feature. Of course, you can and should set up a backup on any hosting, but additional protection will not hurt.

We look in the personal account. Found the BackUp feature? Fine! We put a plus sign for this hosting and see what competitors are there.

6- File manager

Most modern high-quality hosting services offer a file manager integrated into their personal account. This means that you can upload, edit or delete any site file directly from your personal account. This is very convenient. 

7- Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a standard internet security technology that provides an encrypted connection between a web server (site) and a browser. 

I’ll just say that SSL is one of the ranking factors in Google. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least the simplest certificate for any site.

8- High-quality round-the-clock technical support for clients

Evaluate the quality of technical support. How quickly did the answer come? Is this really a complete answer or more like an unsubscribe?

Now, you are ready to pick the right hosting for you!


  •  Which server is best for Django?

    Gunicorn is the best and the most recommended australian server for Django.

  •  Where can I host my Django Site?

    You can choose any one of the above-listed hosting providers. They will provide you with everything that too at highly affordable prices. You can also try the following:
    1. YouStable
    2. A2 Hosting
    3. Google Cloud Platform
    4. Hostpapa
    5. Heroku

  • Where can I host Django for free?

    There are a variety of Hosters in the market, claiming to be the best. Here we have listed the best ones:
    1. PythonAnywhere
    2. YouStable
    3. A2 Hosting
    4. Heroku

  •  Does Django Need Apache?

    Yes, Django needs Apache and it will work on any version of Apache.

  •  Which is the Best Django Hosting in Canada?

    We have mentioned the best Django Hosting services in this article. They work in Canada as well. You can explore their services and give your website a great top-up. 

Free Django Expert Advice

We hope this review will help you make your choice. This was all about the Best Django Hosting Australia. 

It is easy to find companies on the Internet that offer to buy hosting and a domain, but not everyone is able to offer high-quality services.

 As a result in the future, this may cause trouble in the form of an incorrectly functioning website, and data loss. So make your choices the hosting wisely.

 However, here is one more name worth mentioning. It is none other than FreeDjango

FreeDjango is one of the strongest contenders in the market. It proffers extraordinary services and highly affordable rates. 

So, if you want to try something different GoogieHost is worth trying.