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Hey, Guys, Welcome to FreeDjango, today. We will discuss How to Get Free RDP Server in 2024

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Well, RDP is the best solution for you if you need a direct connection with a Windows Server. You can also remember it as a Remote Connection with Windows Server

Well, when a person is working from home, we call them working remotely. The same applies to the server. The server is outside your physical reach, but you can remotely control it.

And if you think that RDP Server is Safe? Yes, RDP Server is 100% safe

the cat works at the computer

Do you think it ends here? No! After all these theoretical parts, you will get to know about the 3+ Best RDP Hosting Provider.

So, let’s start with the basics.

Firstly What is RDP?

RDP Server is an essential piece of technology that allows you to connect yourself to a remote server. The connection with Windows Server Hosting will enable you to establish Website Hosting, Web Application Hosting.

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, and it is a remote connection with the Windows Server. How does remote desktop work? What is rdp?

To get RDP Hosting, you need an RDP Hosting Provider, Free Or Paid. It’s totally up to you which one suits you the most and what your needs are. 

Many people ask us about How To Get Free RDP Server and stick to the article so that we can get the appropriate answers about it, Best Offshore Hosting Providers.

By the way, before selecting the Best RDP Hosting Provider, you must check out their terms and conditions. 

Many Free and Paid Hosting providers mention their RDP Hosting Terms, so you must check them out. This is our request to you all.

Why Should one Use RDP Over a Regular PC? 

Is your Personal Computer capable of doing some unusual tasks, like a stream for straight 30 days?

PCRemote Server
Ownership & MaintenanceYour PC Your OwnershipYour ownership is only valid till you are paying for it
Server Name and AccessYou must know the name and the server location you wish to access
Security FeaturesYou can easily install the antivirus of your choice.You transmit and share the data, so extensive security mechanisms are essential
PerformanceBelow Average-performing devices.Remote servers are Quite high-performance computers which having large memory and storage capacity
Internet ConnectionMostly unstableRequires Best Network Connectivity
SpeedDirect and quick responses allowing faster speedActs through the Internet, slowing down the rates.
Managing DataEasily Copy Web Pages & other files in the local directory of web server root.You can directly copy-paste the files from the server to the PC.

It’s time to plunge into the Best RDP Hosting provider, and if you expect all of them to be Free RDP Hosting Providers, then No! Only limited are Free RDP Hosting Providers.


Best RDP Hosting Provider with top-notch features and the company also gives you the full-fledged RDP Hosting and altho they are using Windows 12 with 2GB RAM. You will get Pre-installed Softwares with their Free RDP Hosting.

How To Get Free RDP Server

Let us take a look at their features and followed by pricing plans.


  • Lifetime Free RDP Hosting
  • NVMe SSD Drives For Fastest Response Times
  • Fastest Windows Servers, 16 Preinstalled
  • Full RDP Admin Access
  • weekly Backups

Pricing & Plans

As you can see, the company offers four plans, and the Free RDP Hosting plan is named Starter. You can opt for the premium RDP Hosting plan if your requirements are something more considerable. This company can quickly solve all your queries and will surely satisfy your requirements.

Best RDP Hosting Provide

2. RDPHosted

RDPHosted is a well-known free RDP hosting provider known for its reliable and secure remote access solutions. This enables users to access their hosted desktops and applications from anywhere, providing a seamless remote work experience.


RDPHosted is committed to providing high-quality services with superior security and performance, making it a popular choice for businesses and individuals. Lets check features


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Powerful Hardware
  • Enhanced Security
  • 24/7 Live Support

Plans and Pricing

Here I attached the image below the company offers free RDP Hosting Server Plans are:

RDPHosted plans and price

Activate Free RDP Now

3. VPSserver

You won’t get Free RDP Hosting here but trust me you can host your web application, websites and can also perform long-lasting game streaming.

How to get Free RDP Server VPServer

The company also gives Optimised Windows RDP Hosting, You think is that it? No! the company also offers Memory Optimised RDP Hosting which will give you the best Server response.

Let us take a look at their Features followed by pricing plans Also, get UAE’s Best Web Hosting in Dubai.


  • Up to 7 TB of Transfer Rate
  • up to 8 cores Processors which will boost your Hosted Programs
  • NVMe SSD Drives 600x better performance
  • Free Trials For New users

Pricing Plans

As you can see in the image below the company offers Best RDP Hosting Plans, the company offers 3 plans and you can see multiple divisions on every plan.

VPSserver Best Free RDP Server

4. Ixremote

Ixremote is another Free RDP Hosting Provider which offers one of the fastest RDP Hosting Services, and they are the right choice.

Ixremote How to get free RDP Server Hosting

If you are looking for How To Get Free RDP Server, you can ask their customer service executives. The company also offers Premium RDP Hosting Servers. Let’s fall into their features and pricing, but plans are something I can’t forget to mention.


  • Free Windows RDP Hosting 
  • Up to 6GB RAM
  • Most Optimised RDP Server
  • Up To 1GBPS Speed
  • Full Root Admin Access

Pricing & Plans

How to Get Free RDP Server? The answer is below. To get Free RDP Hosting, you need to select the Free RDP Hosting Provider.   

Free RDP Hosting

5. MonoVM

MonoVM is a company that is famous for its best RDP Services, and unfortunately, they don’t offer Free RDP Hosting, so it’s better to go with them if you are struggling with your last RDP Hosting Service Provider, you can also get Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans.

MonoVM Best RDP Services

This company has a Huge Customer Fan Base of 60,000 and has 10 data centers, so you don’t need to be worried about the Response rate, and the Uptime is also genuine.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • HDD drive Space Of 200GB
  • Maximum of 4 Cores you can Opt
  • Up to 8 Gigs of RAM
  • Port Speed of 1Gbps

Price & Plans

The Company offers four plans, and all the plans are comprised of their own set of features, each and every plan will charge you more, and in every plan, you will get Unlimited Bandwidth.

Free RDP Server

Their lowest starting plan will cost you $16.99, and the rest you can see in the image below.

What is the Difference Between RDP and VPS

Low key they both are the same, but VPS Hosting connects to Linux Servers, and RDP Hosting is a connection to Windows Server. 

But the only difference between RDP Hosting and VPS Hosting is that RDP is shared with multiple users, and VPS is Virtual Private Server, Also you Best Django Hosting In Europe.

What is the Difference Between RDP and VPS

If you want to know more about the difference between RDP Hosting and VPS Hosting, you must click here to get the Best Relevant Information.

How to get Free RDP Server? 

How to get Free RDP Server? Or How to Get Free RDP Hosting, they both mean the same. So for Getting the Free RDP Server, you need a Free RDP Hosting Provider, then select your plan. Now, when you have chosen the ideal plan for you, you can log in to your RDP client area.

Your RDP Hosting Provider will give you a Static IP which will help you establish an apparent connection with the Windows Server.

You can Host Multiple Items like Websites, Web Applications and perform Live Stream for a few weeks. 

Well, let us take a look at How To Get Free RDP Server For android.


  • Firstly Create a Free RDP
  • Then Download the .“Remote Desktop 8” application on Andriod
  • Click on “+” Select Desktop
  • Enter the IP given by the RDP Hosting Provider, and Click on save

HOW TO GET FREE RDP Server FOR 1 YEAR | 100% Working

  • Enter the IP Provided by the RDP Hosting Provider, and click on Save
  • Now you have to click on “Connect It”

HOW TO GET FREE RDP Server FOR 1 YEAR | 100% Working

  • Click Connect and check the box.
  • Finally, you can open Free RDP on an android device

HOW TO GET FREE RDP Server FOR 1 YEAR | 100% Working

How To Enable Remote Desktop Connection?

  • To Enable Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click on System and Security.
  • Under the “System” section, click the Allow remote access option.
  • Click the Remote tab.
  • Under the “Remote Desktop” section, check the Allow remote connections to this computer option.
  • Check the Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication option.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Click the OK button


How can I get a free RDP server?

You can get a Free RDP Server Without a Credit Card from any of the Hosting Provider Mentioned Above. For example, offers Free RDP Hosting for Life Time.

Is the RDP server accessible?

Yes, the RDP Server is Free to use, and anyone who can use it has a legit fast internet connection. Above mentioned companies are the Best Free RDP Hosting Providers.

Is Google remote desktop free?

Google remote desktop is indeed free on all the platforms, like Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Android, iOS, and Linux. Above, I mentioned what RDP is and How To Get a Free RDP Server.

Is NoMachine fast?

The straightforward answer is No. The NoMachine is not that fast if it is used with WRD. The connection establishment should be fast and secured.


Your question was, How To Get a Free RDP Server I hope all your found your answer in this best and the most comprehensive 

Your question was, How To Get Free RDP Server I hope all your found your answer in this best and the most comprehensive article of How To Get Free RDP Hosting. You got the peak at 4 Best RDP Hosting Providers and How can you get RDP On Andriod. It’s time to end this article I hope you all found it quite helpful,

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