Best Unlimited Web Hosting in Sri Lanka- With the latest technology and trends, online businesses are becoming a compulsion if you want growth in your industry. 

But how to start one at affordable rates and with the best and most reliable services? 

We are here with a list of Sri Lanka Web Hosting providers with the features they offer and why you should consider those features beneficial for yourself. 

Without further ado, let’s move on with the article!

What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

Unlimited Web Hosting means when the client is provided with hosting plans containing an unlimited number of websites, domains, storage, bandwidth, etc.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

Though nothing is offered in an unlimited amount, there is always a condition behind it. So, let’s know in detail what the web hosting companies provide in their unlimited web hosting plans

5 Best Unlimited Web Hosting in Srilanka

Here is the List of Best unlimited web hosting in Sri Lanka 2024

, which is fast, highly reliable, and offer value for money.

#1. Server Lanka

Serving its customers since 2014 with excellent services, Server Lanks Web Hosting provides MYSQL Databases, easy-to-use cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, and other remarkable features to make hosting simple and affordable. 

5 Best Unlimited Web Hosting in Sri Lanka 2024- with Unlimited Space & 100% Uptime

Server Lanka also provides unlimited domains in its premium business plan.


Features determine the quality of services the host provides. Here are the features offered by Server Lanka web hosting-

  • Ultra-Fast Servers
  • Managed & Secured
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Free website transfer
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Pricing & plans:

We provide authentic information, and hence, here is a screenshot attached of the plan’s pricing of Server Lanka-

Server Lanka Unlimited web Hosting in Sri Lanka

#2. YouStable

With the aim to provide the cheapest Web Hosting to its customers, YouStable has served thousands of clients globally. 

One can not go wrong with a Free SSL certificate, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, call and chat support, plus various other optimized features.

YouStable Unlimited web Hosting

They provide unlimited web hosting in their plans but have unlimited email accounts and unlimited websites in their premium DAElite plan.


What makes YouStable stand out in the crowd? Their Features can prove this right-

  • Free Domain Registration & Transfer
  • Server Powered By NVMe
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • Auto-Backup
  • LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • 24/7/365 Professional Support

Pricing & plans:

Let’s look into the Unlimited Web Hosting SriLanka plans of YouStable. We found them to be affordable, so will you?

5 Best Unlimited Web Hosting in Sri Lanka 2024- with Unlimited Space & 100% Uptime

#3. Sri Lanka Hosting

Over 6 years of experience, Sri Lanka Hosting initiates an Instant setup of your account with automatic malware security.

Sri Lanka Hosting

You can trust Sri Lanka Web Hosting to go live with your website along with the amazing and unique features they offer.

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They provide unlimited bandwidth in all of their plans.


Here are the unique features, you’ll find Sri Lanka Hosting offering-

  • Instant Account Setup
  • Free Domain Name With Privacy Protection
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Website Builder
  • Automatic Malware Security
  • Free Daily AutoBackup
  • SSD-Boosted Disk Storage
  • 99.95% Network Uptime
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

Pricing & Plans:

Let’s look into the plans of Sri Lanka Web Hosting-

Let’s look into the plans of Sri Lanka Web Hosting-

#4. BlueHost

A leading web hosting provider since 2003 with a customer service score of over 2 million, BlueHost has already left its mark in the WordPress Web Hosting business. 


BlueHost offers unlimited bandwidth, website, and SSD storage in its plans, providing unlimited web hosting in Sri Lanka. 


All of their plans have these stunning features-

  • Automatic WordPress Installation
  • Easy Drag-n-Drop Website Builder
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Secure Configuration of Login Credentials

Pricing & plans:

Looking into the plans and the features they provide in it-

5 Best Unlimited Web Hosting in Sri Lanka 2024- with Unlimited Space & 100% Uptime

#5. LankaWebSpace

Lankawebspace specializes in web services offering non-beatable services. They solve all your queries and answer questions within minutes. On the way towards progress, they provide professional services to their customers.


They offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space in their premium unlimited hosting plan.


Features which make Lankaspaceweb the best-

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • FREE web templates
  • Reliable Servers
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Money-back guarantee

Pricing & plans:

We’ve attached a screenshot of Lankaspaceweb’s unlimited web hosting in Sri Lanka plans-

5 Best Unlimited Web Hosting in Sri Lanka 2024- with Unlimited Space & 100% Uptime

Factors to Look in Unlimited Web Hosting

We talked before that there are certain factors that one must look into and consider before picking Unlimited Web Hosting Provider in Sri Lanka. 

We have curated a guide for your betterment and ease of all the factors you should look at in the web hosting provider’s plans according to your needs and requirements. 

Unlimited Storage Space

Storage space is the room where all the website content is saved, whether texts, pictures, data, etc. It handles the streaming of all types of content on your website. E-commerce or relative website holders should look for unlimited or unmetered bandwidth and storage for their website. 

You should prefer SSD or NVMe SSD (Solid-state drive) over other hard disk drives. 

Unlimited Bandwidth to handle the traffic

Bandwidth is the speed at which the data is transferred or the amount of time the servers showcase the information to their users. It determines the traffic on your website; for a website with a vast number of visits, one must consider a great amount of bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth. This makes sure that your website does not face any downtime or unavailability. 

Unlimited FTP accounts

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) helps upload your files to your web hosting account. So, if you want to safely transfer your data and provide such safety to your customers, you can go for unlimited FTP accounts and offer it to your clients without any restrictions.  

Unlimited Database 

The bulk information is saved in your computer, or you can say hard disk space is your server’s database.  An unlimited database ensures that you can use as much space as you want under the limits of your hard disk drive space without hesitation.

Unlimited Email 

It’s the number of email accounts you can curate. To use and approach an audience with different emails of different or matching identities to your website, you should look for unlimited email accounts in your unlimited web hosting plans. 


We talked about various unlimited factors you should look for in a web hosting provider. But do you think “unlimited” really means limitless?

I guess you must know the answer. Because no, unlimited does not mean limitless. It means that the feature can be utilized under limitations.

There are set limitations for all the features, and the user can utilize any amount, just under that limitation.

Until you don’t come to ‘overusing’ the factors, you can work with them as much as you want. 

We have provided you with the factors you should look into and the Best Unlimited web hosting providers in Sri Lanka with the unlimited features they offer. 

For further doubts and queries, feel free to contact us or drop your questions below!