You’re looking to get your website live and hosted well with an easy way to control and manage things whilst there’s no support available or when you personally want to operate your server? 

This is when your control panel comes into play. Choosing a panel that is not too difficult to operate, has a simple user interface and has proper features are something that you must look out for. 

We are going to talk about one such panel today. As all types of hosting come with a control panel, and when it comes to CyberPanel, it’s great to use by both professionals and beginners. 

Hence, this article is about VPS Hosting providers who offer CyberPanel with their hosting services. We curated this list after a lot of wandering and looking out for the best companies that can provide us with the same. 

So, are you ready to explore these providers and make a decision in last, whether any of these trusted companies suit your requirements and could be your choice or not?

What is CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is a server control panel that is installed on your server. Such as you’ve bought VPS, then it will enable you to control different operations, set important programmes, build websites, and help in many other things.

In essence, it eliminates the majority of the technical challenges involved in setting up, configuring, and running your own hosting server.

CyberPanel employs the well-known LiteSpeed Web Server because of its great performance and user-friendliness. Apart from this, CyberPanel offers all the features that a control panel may offer. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Automatic software installer for CMS
  • ModSecurity to protect your server or sites.
  • One-click Let’s Encrypt installer for SSL certificates
  • FTP server management
  • Database management
  • DNS management
  • Automatic backups, including real-time incremental backups and more!

What is CyberPanel VPS Hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is when you get a set of resources dedicated to yourself in private space on the server. You are not required to share them with anyone and enjoy the features all by yourself with complete privacy. 

VPS Hosting well-handles heavy traffic and makes your website work all the time properly. Apart from this, it has many more features you can work with. 

As mentioned above, every hosting comes with a control panel by which the user can control and manage their server, as comes CyberPanel with VPS Hosting to make it CyberPanel VPS Hosting

1. YouStable

YouStable, an establishment in 2015, has an idea of what customers want and what will satisfy their needs in most capacity. 

Hence, they came up with quality-rich services at affordable prices. Coming to their CyberPanel VPS Hosting, we can say from experience that, firstly, they have many options for operating systems. 

It provides fast NVMe SSD storage and semi-managed services, where you will not need to do much in the first phase but later, you’ll be managing your server with ease as per your choice of control panel and the easy-going services that they offer. 

cyberpanel vps hosting by YouStable

You can also host an unlimited number of domains with this hosting powered by OpenLiteSpeed, LSCache, Integrated Quick CDN and Free LetsEncrypt SSL.


It’s time to know about the quality of features that YouStable offers:

 🔹Supercharged NVMe SSD Drives: These drives outperform conventional ones by 600 times. YouStable uses pure NVMe SSD servers to deliver lightning-fast VPS hosting.

 🔹Network at 100 Mbps: YouStable provides the quickest CyberPanel VPS hosting solution with its blisteringly fast 100Mb/s network speed. Users can utilize limitless bandwidth and enjoy lightning-fast loading.

 🔹Virtualizing with KVM: YouStable offers you the most exclusive and autonomous environment to organise your web projects using KVM virtualization technology.

 🔹Specialized IP: A free dedicated IP is included with each CyberPanel VPS hosting package from YouStable. A dedicated IP will improve your search engine ranking. 

 🔹Support for IPv6: With built-in authentication, you may protect your website from private address collisions and improve multicast routing. YouStable provides the market’s greatest CyberPanel VPS hosting service since it includes Free IPv6.

 🔹24/7/365 Customer Support: YouStable’s expert staff of technicians will be there for you 24/7. Call, chat, ticket, or email our CyberPanel VPS hosting specialists for assistance.


YouStable offers affordability with quality. See for yourself:

  1. vStart: $12.50/month 
  • 1 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Was2GB
  • 50 GB SSD
  1. vProfessional: $22.90/month 
  • 2 CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Was4GB
  • 100 GB SSD
  1. vElite: $43.90/month 
  • 4 CPU
  • 12 GB RAM
  • Was8GB
  • 150 GB SSD
  1. vStable: $48.90/month 
  • 6 CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Was12GB
  • 200 GB SSD

2. Interserver

InterServer offers Cloud Virtual Private Servers where all your data will be saved in the cloud so that anyone you want or even you can access the data from wherever you want. It provides better collaboration. 

With one-click installation features of the scripts like WordPress and more, you can slo customize your plan according to your needs and budget.

We bought 6 slices and got services with the appropriate features, managed support and affordability that we were looking for. We also installed the control panel of our own choice. 

cyberpanel vps hosting by Interserver

Fully control your hosting with root access with their hosting that lets you install the control panel of your choice and operating system without taking any permission from them. 


What makes a company worth it? Their features, right? Hence, here are the features offered by InterServer with its Cloud Virtual Private Server services:

🔹High-performing storage: Interserver uses highly effective SSD storage, which is  20x faster than traditional SATA drives. This offers the best performance and redundancy.

 🔹Managed Support (above 4 slices): For orders of four slices or more, Interserver provides managed support. You may rely on them to assist you with control panel problems, failed service diagnoses, and assistance with security patches.

 🔹Easy Provisioning: With the help of our control panel, quickly launch VPS instances. Pick from any of the most often used operating systems. 
Continue by selecting the number of slices, the power level, and any further settings that you may require, such as the control panel you desire to be installed.

 🔹Deploy 100’s of apps: Use a capable control panel that deploys your VPS. Then immediately offer a huge number of the most well-liked online applications, such as Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, and WordPress.

 🔹Top-notch Security: They make use of the virtualization systems KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-v, which are highly acclaimed and well-known for using the greatest security techniques. 

 🔹Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9%: InterServer’s VPS hosting solution provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. High-performing SSD storage is incorporated into their cloud VPS architecture to guarantee perfect performance.


You can customize your plan with InterServer. Pay for what you need and nothing extra! 

Choose the operating system you want. Choose the quantity of CPU cores, Memory, Storage and Transfer while looking down on the prices when you’re deciding on the price scale, which will look something like this: 

cyberpanel vps hosting by Interserver

Purchasing the above 4 slices makes you have managed support from InterServer’s end. You can scale up your plan anytime you want and move ahead according to your budget as well as needs. 

3. A2 Hosting

To get your choice of Operating System here, CyberPanel, you will have to opt for unmanaged VPS hosting offered by A2 Hosting. 

We went through the customer reviews and got to know that they provide Bare Meta Dedicated Servers, which attracts them.

Apart from that, they offer full root access and managed hardware and network even with unmanaged VPS Hosting plans. 

cyberpanel vps hosting by A2 Hosting

You can self-configure your custom server and make the most out of their services at affordable prices. 


You may not get to see a lot of features that you’ll be experiencing with A2 Hosting:

 🔹Turbo is 20 times faster: Better SEO rankings, less bounce rates, and higher conversion rates result from this feature of A2 Hosting. 

 🔹Solutions for SSD VPS Hosting: Utilize solid state drives for optimum hosting performance. 

 🔹Developer Friendly: The most advanced versions of the most widely used development tools are available with the hostings. 

 🔹99.9% uptime guarantee: You can trust A2 Hosting to provide you with ultra-reliable servers. They make sure taht your website never faces any downtime and you don’t lose any potential clients. 

 🔹Free Website Migration: In most circumstances, their experts will relocate your website to A2 Hosting at no cost to you.


A2 Hosting offers many Unmanaged VPS Hosting plans that you can check out on their website. If you want the best and most affordable services with the required features, you can always go with their “Turbo” plan. 

But you can choose any of them as per your requirements because all the plans are carefully created for the users, and they suit different individuals as per their choices. 

As for now, we are going to discuss the first three plans of A2 Hosting’s CyberPanel VPS Hosting. The rest you can check out on

  1. RUNWAY 1: $4.99/month 
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 150 GB SSD Storage
  • 1 Core
  • 2 TB Transfer
  • Root Access
  1. RUNWAY2: $7.99/month 
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 Cores
  • 3 TB Transfer
  • Root Access
  1. RUNWAY3: $9.99/month 
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 450 GB SSD Storage
  • 4 Cores
  • 4 TB Transfer
  • Root Access

4. Hostwinds

Established in 2010, Hostwinds provide instant scalability and many custom operating system options to choose from. 

They are spread across multiple locations globally to provide uninterrupted services.

Develop, deploy and build the best possible solutions as per your needs and requirements with Hostwinds. 

cyberpanel vps hosting by hostwinds

Its unmanaged VPS Hosting allows you to have CyberPanel as your control panel, which comes for free!


We’ll get into the features of Hostwinds and know how reliable they are:

 🔹Observational System: For all VPS Hosting plans, they provide a real-time monitoring service through which they proactively monitor your server and instantly open a support request for you in the event of a technical issue.

 🔹Rapid scalability: Upgrade to the next tier of your Unmanaged CyberPanel VPS service to rapidly increase your server resources. 

 🔹Nightly backups: You can easily make sure that the data on your Linux virtual private server is backed up using Hostwinds scheduled nightly backups. The system will back up every piece of data to our object storage service.

 🔹Snapshots: The snapshot will remain constant even under high-IO and sophisticated workloads, such as those associated with databases, depending on the operating system you’re working with. 

 🔹Firewall: Their firewalls protect your Cyberpanel VPS from the rest of the internet. The rules for what traffic should be allowed to and from your VPS are simple to manage.

 🔹Balancers for load: To evenly divide your application traffic among all of your servers, you can simply install a load balancer in front of your CyberPanel virtual private servers. 


Hostwinds has various plans that they have curated for its users to give them a lot of options so that they never run out of them. 

Here, we have mentioned three unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting plans of Hostwinds, with which you can choose Cyberpanel for free as your control panel. 

Although, you can always move ahead and choose any of the managed, unmanaged, Linux or windows VPS plans.

The Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting plans:

  1. Plan 1: $ 4.99/mo
  • CPU: 1 CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 30 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  1. Plan 2: $ 9.99/mo
  • CPU: 1 CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2 TB
  1. Plan 3: $ 18.99/mo
  • CPU: 2 CPU
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 75 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2 TB

5. Hostinger 

OpenLiteSpeed and other very powerful technologies power Hostinger’s services. They were founded in 2011 and have spread its wings amongst 5 countries worldwide. Hence, able to reach out to almost every end of this world. 

We tried their services and were satisfied, neither did we hesitate to invest our money in the first place because of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hostinger commits and stands on them. 

cyberpanel vps hosting by hostinger

Its CyberPanel VPS Hosting has a lot of plan options, dedicated 24/7 support and many more features that make them top the list in this field. 


These are the features that make Hostinger top the list:

LiteSpeed Cache provides a built-in module with plugins to create dynamic content. Boost the speed of your CMS applications and other websites.

 🔹Deploying GIT: By connecting your GitLab and GitHub repositories, you may quickly release code using GIT webhooks.

 🔹Auto Installer: What is required to install CMS’ like Prestashop, Joomla, and WordPress (with LSCache) on CyberPanel? It’s just a single click with Hostinger. 

 🔹Support for Multi-Object Caching: Integration of object caching is made simple. You can integrate objects like LiteSpeed Memcached with CyberPanel.

 🔹Quick backup and restoration: With just one click, you may backup or restore data from Google Drive, AWS S3, a remote SFTP, or a local computer.

 🔹QUIC and HTTP/3 support: The most recent version of the HTTP protocol guarantees faster connections, low latency, retransmission of dropped packets, and greater performance when downloading several objects at once.


Refer to Hostinger’s CyberPanel VPS Hosting page to look at its varied plans and prices. 

For now, here is an overlook on the first three CYberPanel VPS Hosting packages they offer:

  1. Cyberpanel VPS 1: $3.95/month 
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1 TB bandwidth 
  1. CyberPanel VPS 2: $8.95/month 
  • 2 GB RAM 
  • 40 GB SSD Disk Space 
  • 2 TB Bandwidth 
  1. CyberPanel VPS 3: $12.95/month 
  • 3 GB RAM 
  • 60 GB SSD Disk Space 
  • 3 TB Bandwidth 

6. ScalaHosting

They have been working in the field for the last 15 years and have more than 50,000 customers that they have served.

They set up your servers in 30 seconds. Their VPS services are low-cost, ultra-secure and high performing.

You can also build your servers and save money while allowing you to do so. 

cyberpanel vps hosting by scalahosting


Let’s look into the features offered by ScalaHosting:

 🔹Fully Managed and Worry-Free 24/7: Everything is set up, maintained and optimised for you by professionals who are constantly on hand to provide live support.

 🔹Industry-Leading Results: With dedicated enterprise hardware, 100% NVME SSD storage, and free ultra-fast networking, high performance and speed are always guaranteed.

 🔹Independent of technology: They don’t rely on third parties and are able to provide unbeatable technologies at reasonable prices.

 🔹Free Website Migration: All your websites will be moved for free, and they’ll ensure they function properly on your new server.

 🔹Worldwide Accessibility: Globally deliver lightning-fast experiences by choosing from 35+ locations available globally in conjunction with AWS or from our native data centres in the US and Europe.

 🔹Control panel (SPanel): All the features of cPanel plus a lot more. SPanel is a multi-purpose VPS platform designed for speed and simple server administration.


With a money-back of 30 days, you can instantly buy one of its plans because there’s no risk in investing money in something and check it when you know that you can get your money back at any time within 30 days. 

Being self-managed, you can build your own cloud VPS hosting plan according to your requirements. One thing that comes as a plus is that you won’t have to pay for anything that you’re not using. 

You can say a ‘no’ to the control panel and install CyberPanel as your control panel later. Hence, here is an overlook of the customizable panel offered by Scalahosting:

cyberpanel vps hosting plans of scalahosting

Best CyberPanel VPS Hosting Recommendation 2024

After analysing, testing and working with these companies personally, we can say that all of these companies are fantastic in their field of line. Hence, they are present in the list.

But there are some companies that provide CyberPanel straight away, and you will not have to struggle to get it with your hosting. 

Hence, YouStable and InterServer are providers offering CyberPanel VPS Hosting at a reasonable price, with ease and various features that help your website get a boost! 

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Advantages Of Choosing CyberPanel VPS Hosting

We talked about companies and what they provide. But why are you, and should you be, choosing Cyberpanel VPS Hosting? 

These are the things that CyberPanel VPS contains:

 🔹OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed: With OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed, you may benefit from automatic website optimization and faster loading times.

 🔹LS Cache: A built-in module with plugins is available from LiteSpeed Cache to develop dynamic content and optimise websites for maximum performance.

 🔹Simple User Interface: From installation to website management, the CyberPanel VPS interface is regarded as one of its most reliable qualities in comparison to the competition.

 🔹GIT Deployment: By connecting your GitHub and GitLab repositories, you may use GIT webhooks to release code quickly.

Support for Multi-Object Caching: Integration of object caching made simple.

 🔹Quick Backup and Restoration: With just one click, you may back up or restore data from Google Drive, a remote SFTP, or a local computer.

 🔹QUIC and HTTP/3 support: The most recent version of the HTTP protocol guarantees the lowest latency, quick connections, and greater speed.

 🔹WordPress Staging: Test, tweak and experiment on staging before publishing.

 🔹Web-Based Command Line and Terminal Interface: For individuals who prefer to operate in a terminal, CyberPanel offers the convenience of a command-line interface.


Is VPS good for hosting?

Yes, VPS is one of the most used, affordable hostings of premium level that can easily handle heavy loads and various functions on your website!

Is cyber panel VPS hosting different from normal VPS hosting?

There is not much difference between VPS Hosting and CyberPanel VPS Hosting. You may have CyberPanel as your control panel with basic VPS Hosting, then it will be the same, but if you are using some different control panel like DirectAdmin, cPanel or another with your VPS Hosting, then that’s where the difference will lie. 

You just have the difference of a control panel (the way you manage your website) in CyberPanel VPS Hosting is different from VPS Hosting. 

Which is the best Cyber panel VPS Hosting For beginners?

The best and the most simple to use and buy CyberPanel VPS Hosting provider is YouStable. It also is semi-managed, unlike other unmanaged hosting providers. Hence, the best option for beginners. 

Is Cyber Panel safe?

Yes, CyberPanel is safe and robust. Premium security features such as Imunify360, Cloudlinux and free CSF can be integrated with this panel. So, collectively all of it makes it safe.

Is the Cyber panel free?

Yes, CyberPanel comes cost-free. But there are some premium plans for it too, where you can get a feature of direct support from them.

Why is Cyber Panel so popular?

CyberPanel is popular because it comes for free and is lite weight. It also comes with soo many integration and API options. 

Does CyberPanel support Nginx?

No, CyberPnel comes with Openlitespeed/ Litespeed, not Nginx.

Final Word 

We would like to recommend that CyberPanel is not very difficult or easy to use. It comes somewhere in between. So, if you know about hostings and it’s working, then installing it with unmanaged hosting and getting it done will be easy.

But if that is not the case, look for a company that provides managed services with CyberPanel VPS Hosting, which in this case will be YouStable, as we could find and lay out in front of you all. 

If you’re a pro, there’s no problem at all! So, are you ready to choose your service provider and get on board with them without any further delay?