Are you a web developer, thinking of starting a new project? Looking for the right framework? Are you interested in Django or Laravel?


Are you confused between Django vs Laravel? Still, looking at which one is better? 

If yes, then you are in the right place!

For web developers, finding the right tools can make the job a lot easier. Among them, the Web framework is a “weapon” to improve work efficiency. 

Since there are so many web frameworks to choose from, how to choose the best also becomes a headache. That is why we are here to help you out!

There are many options available when choosing the backend framework to use. 

Although each back-end framework has its own advantages and disadvantages, there are other factors to consider before making a final decision.

 In this guide, we will take a closer look at Django vs Laravel. Let’s see which is the best back-end framework for you.

What are Django and Laravel? 

Both Django and Laravel are Back-end frameworks used for web development. Back-end developers use various libraries, APIs, Web services, etc.

 They are responsible for the implementation of the database system, ensuring correct communication between various Web services, generating back-end functions, etc.

Django vs Laravel

Django is an open-source web development framework written in the Python programming language. 

The next architecture pattern is the Model View Pattern (MVT) in Django. The Django framework is used to develop complex web applications. 

Laravel is an open-source web development framework written in the PHP programming language. The next architecture pattern is the Model View Controller (MVC) in Laravel. 

Laravel provides a rich set of functionality similar to Ruby on Rails. Laravel can be used to develop Content Management System (CMS) applications.


Django is an open-source web framework written in Python with complete site-building capabilities. 

Django vs Laravel

By using Django, developers can easily complete most of the content required by a formal website and further develop a full-featured Web service.

Django itself is based on the MVC architecture, namely the Model (model) + View (view) + Controller (controller) design patterns.  

So, it naturally has the excellent genes of MVC: fast development, easy deployment, high reusability, low maintenance cost, and other advantages.

Django was established in 2003.

The term Django is Django Reinhardt named after a Belgian jazz musician and has the beautiful meaning of hoping that Django can play (develop) various music (web applications) gracefully.


Laravel is a precise PHP framework that can seamlessly meet the development needs of open source applications of all sizes. 

django vs laravel

It is an ideal choice for developers! 

Its huge community support can quickly solve programming problems. Additionally, it also provides a learning forum.

Laravel has become the best PHP framework due to its phenomenal features.

 For example, development companies can use Laravel’s advanced features to create fascinating and high-performance Web applications. 

Moreover, they can do this with minimal repetitive coding tasks.

Main Difference Between Django and Laravel?

Basis for ComparisonDjangoLaravel
DefinitionIt is a Full-Stack web application framework written in PythonIt is a Full-Stack web application framework written in PHP
MaintenanceSupported by the Django Software Foundation.It is maintained by the developer himself and his community under the MIT license.
ArchitectureThis is a Model View Template (MVT)This is the Model View Controller (MVC)
UniversalityIt has a fast development feature with an excellent group of community usersIt has clean architecture and a growing community base
ScalabilitySupports high scalabilityLaravel also supports high scalability, but the only difference is the language used to write the framework
StandardizationLarge developer community baseDeveloper community
CompatibilitySeveral other frameworks exist for PythonThe only PHP framework

Django Advantages

The Django framework has the following advantages: 

1-Good for SEO

Python is famous for its readable code, which is an advantage if you want your site to rank high in search results. 

With Django, you can create human-readable URLs or URLs using the most relevant keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

2- Comes with powerful background functions

Write a code that requires you to realize the function in, a few simple lines of code can realize your dream of becoming an administrator.

 You no longer have to worry about design administrators!

3-Elegant URL

Use regular matching URLs at and pass them to the corresponding function. Feel free to define your own!

4-Has a template system

The template system greatly reduces the probability of developers having headaches. The template system is easily expandable and simple in design.

5-Cache system

Django comes with Memcached, Redis, or other caching systems to improve page loading speed. Make the user experience better!

Django Key Features

Django has the following notable features:

  • Django is a full-stack web framework. 

The full-stack framework provides a series of functions such as HTTP requests and responses, database read and write management, and HTML template rendering.

  • It has complete functions and complete elements

Django provides a large number of features and tools, without your own definition, combination, addition, deletion, and modification. 

  • Complete documentation

 After long-term development and improvement, Django has the extensive practical experience and complete online documentation.

 Developers can search online documents for solutions when they encounter problems.

  • Flexible routing system

 Django has functions such as routing and forwarding, regular expressions, namespaces, and URL reverse parsing.

  • Rich Template template functions

 Django comes with a template language, which is not only rich in native functions but also can customize template tags and filters. 

  • Comes with a background management application admin

 With only a few lines of configuration and code, complete background data can be managed. This is the most popular feature of Django!

  • Complete error message prompt

 If there is an operating error or abnormality during the development and debugging process, Django can provide a very complete error message to help locate the problem.

Which projects are Built with Django Framework?

Django has been used to build a variety of projects. Some of the most popular projects built with Django are:

  • Disqus
  • Instagram 
  • Dropbox
  • Spotify
  • The Washington Post
  • Mozilla
  • Pinterest
  • National Geographic

Laravel Advantages

Since we have discussed a lot about Django, Now let’s get some insight about Laravel. Laravel has some of the most compelling advantages which are: 

1. Innovative template engine

The Laravel framework is widely recognized for its built-in lightweight templates, which can be used to build layouts with dynamic content.

 It also provides some basic widgets that use its structure to integrate CSS and JS code together. 

The Laravel template has been carefully designed to develop simple and clear layouts and partial composite layouts, which simplifies the work of developers.

2. Support MVC architecture through built-in functions

Laravel supports the MVC architecture pattern, which ensures that important business logic is separated from the presentation layer. 

Laravel’s MVC model has multiple built-in features that can improve application performance, and improve security and scalability.

3. Encoding authorization technology

When we generate code for building applications, authorization and authentication are the most important functions. It can also evaluate the time it takes programmers to build new content.

 The framework even has logic technology that can help reform the authorization logic and control access to different resources.

4. Object-relational mapping and implementation

This helps developers to write database queries using PHP syntax instead of writing SQL code. ORM is faster than previous PHP frameworks.

5. Strong application security

Security is one of Laravel’s best features!

The Laravel framework provides advanced and powerful web application security so that developers can use it with confidence.

 Laravel security features effectively utilize the salt hashing and encryption mechanism, so it does not save the password in the user database in plain text.

6. Competitive and easy unit testing

The framework can be competent to run a large number of unit tests to prevent programmers from not changing existing Web applications, thereby preventing programmers from performing new changes.

Laravel Key Features

Here are a few more technical features that make Laravel the best PHP framework:

  • Built-in Eloquent ORM

This system allows you to work with different databases using the implementation of the ActiveRecord pattern. 

With Eloquent ORM, you can work with databases without having to write complex SQL queries.

  • MVC architectural design

 It allows you to separate the user interface and business logic. Laravel also supports the Blade templating engine, which allows native PHP code to be used.

  • High development speed

Laravel allows you to create applications quickly since developers can do without complex code in the process. 

As noted above, the framework is built on the MVC architecture, and this provides access to all the infrastructure needed to create a website and saves time.

  • Effective traffic management

 If the site is popular, the application must process a large number of requests every second.

 This increases the load on the server and the cost of hosting. Moreover, a high load may cause the server to stop responding, sometimes resulting in data loss.

 With Laravel, such risks are minimized, since the framework implements a unique message queue system. 

What types of Projects can Be Built using Laravel FrameWork?

Laravel can be used for a variety of projects. Some of the eye-catching projects built with Laravel are:

  • Deltanet Travel
  • Neighborhood Lender
  • MyRank
  • Laravel Tricks
  • World Walking
  • Laravel Snippets
  • Rocket Rubbers
  • Mack Hankins

Which Framework is to choose? 

Django’s web application framework supports Python, while Laravel supports PHP.

 The only differences between Django and Laravel frameworks lie in the language they support. Moreover, there are several different functions and libraries to suit different requirements. 

In terms of scalability, ease of development, maintenance, and testing, Django is highly recommended, Python also provides faster execution, which further improves the speed of the application.

The choice of the framework can be decided based on language and framework characteristics to meet customer requirements.

 This must be taken care of during the development of the application solution. 

In terms of the popularity of the user community, Django rates well, and Laravel rates equally well as Django, but it lacks professionals when compared to Django.


  • Which is better, Laravel or Django?

    It was a huge discussion about the features and advantages of Django vs Laravel. Talking about Django, it is a bit faster than Laravel because it uses Python. 

    Laravel on the other hand is a bit slower. Moreover, Django offers a lot of tools that make the work of web developers as easy as pie. Laravel on the other hand is a simpler framework.

  • Are Laravel and Django the same?

    No, Django and Laravel are not the same. Both are backend frameworks used by web developers, but Django uses Python while Laravel uses PHP.

  • Should I learn Laravel before Django?

    It solely depends on you what you want to learn. There is no rule stating that one must know Laravel before Django. 

    You can learn Django if you want a fast and simple framework as it comes with a standard library to develop practical web applications. If you want to learn easy in-built resources to develop a web application, then you can go for Laravel.

  • Is Django harder than Laravel?

    There is nothing hard and easy. Does it depend on your interest in what you want?

    If you want a fast programming language then Django is the best choice, but if you want to go for something simple, then choose Laravel.


This is all about Django Vs Laravel in 2023. There is a tough fight between both the frameworks, both work well in their specific languages. 

The main thing lies in the fact, what you actually need? You must realize the need of your project and then pick the right framework.

 Django is fast and offers multiple tools for web developers, while Laravel offers unbeatable security and ease. Just think and make the best choice!