Searching for the top best free AI Sexting Apps in 2024 to elevate your sexting experience? Look no further—we’ve got you covered. Delve into the realm of AI sex chatbots and find the ideal companions to fulfil your most intimate desires.

Discover the leading 13 Best free Ai sexting apps chatbot designed for engaging in intimate conversations in 2024. Safely navigate through the realm of AI-driven sex chat, where users can enjoy personalized and secure interactions without safety concerns.

Whether you seek a virtual companion, a personalized sexting experience, or a potential partner, these innovative chatbots offer a unique avenue for establishing connections and indulging in entertaining conversations. Get prepared to embark on a distinctive relationship with these cutting-edge AI sexting apps!

Before we get into the main business, let us start by understanding an AI sexting app.

What is AI Sexting Apps?

AI sexting apps are platforms that use artificial intelligence to have intimate conversations with users. As we decided, let us start by understanding what an AI sexting app is. Just as you would do sexting with a person, here, you can do sexting with an AI character you create.

Artificial intelligence-based sexting applications allow you to greet a sexting partner based on what characters you would want in a person. For example, if you are creating an AI female sexting partner, you can select how she looks and what themes you would discuss.

Such AI sexting applications are often paid; let us tell you this: they cost a lot. However, here, we will be looking at free AI sexting applications. 

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13 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in (Jun, 2024) Android/iOS- For Spicysex Chats

We hope you have understood what an AI sexting app is and how it works. Let us now look at some of the best AI sexting apps for free, the first one being Soulfun.Ai. 

1. Soulfun.AI– Overall Best AI Sexting App for Android/iOS

13 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in ([current_date format='M, Y'])(Android/iOS)- For SpicySex Chats

Soulfun is a chat application driven by AI, created for intimate conversations that offer users a virtual companionship experience. Users have the ability to design their own AI companions, customizing their appearance, personality, and the dynamics of the relationship. You can mold both the visual aesthetics and personality traits of your virtual companion, participating in meaningful conversations with them.

Key features

  • Customizable AI Companions
  • Interactive Conversations
  • Subscription Options
  • Secure and Private Messaging

2. DreamGF

As you can tell, DreamGF will provide you with all the tools you need to create an AI girlfriend. You can create an AI girlfriend customised to the most minor details on this platform.

13 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in ([current_date format='M, Y'])(Android/iOS)- For SpicySex Chats

Whether you want a specific race of your girlfriend, whether you want her to have a tattoo on any part of her body, what clothes she would wear and even her face’s proportions, you choose every detail of your AI girlfriend on this app.

Also, if you like visual content, you can create images with different clothes and without clothes. DreamGF seems like a perfect sexy-time partner for you.

Key features

  • Customization
  • Search Filters
  • Voice Messages
  • Celebrities AI Characters
  • AI Sexting Content

3. Candy AI

Find an eye candy on Candy AI. This platform will provide a sexually immersive texting experience with various arousals through different mediums. You will not feel alone and will always have someone to talk to about your sexual thoughts.

13 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in ([current_date format='M, Y'])(Android/iOS)- For SpicySex Chats

Do you like a little role-playing? Does a specific theme arouse you? Well, you can perform them at Candy AI. This platform is more than just an AI sexting application, as it can understand your needs and reply to you in a way that would excite you more and more.

Is sexting not enough? No problem; Candy AI also helps you receive voice messages how you would like him or her to sound.

Key Features

  • AI Sext Characters: Candy AI offers diverse AI characters with different personalities and backgrounds.
  • Realistic and Anime Models: Choose from realistic and anime model characters for your virtual companion.
  • Chat Gallery: Explore various chat options in Candy AI’s gallery and engage in conversations with virtual companions.
  • Candy AI Image Generator: Generate NSFW images by providing a prompt, with options for both anime and realistic image generation.

3. DreamGF

As you can tell, DreamGF will provide you with all the tools you need to create an AI girlfriend. You can create an AI girlfriend customised to the most minor details on this platform.

13 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in ([current_date format='M, Y'])(Android/iOS)- For SpicySex Chats

Whether you want a specific race of your girlfriend, whether you want her to have a tattoo on any part of her body, what clothes she would wear and even her face’s proportions, you choose every detail of your AI girlfriend on this app.

Also, if you like visual content, you can create images with different clothes and without clothes. DreamGF seems like a perfect sexy-time partner for you.

Key features

  • Customization
  • Search Filters
  • Voice Messages
  • Celebrities AI Characters
  • AI Sexting Content

4. Spicychat AI

Spice up your sexting experience with Spicychat AI. This platform is entirely free and easy to use. You do not have to install anything and start using it right away. You can chat with a character created by Spicychat AI or create your own.

Best AI Sexting Apps

If you act as the creator, you can select each aspect of your sexting partner and how you would like them to reciprocate. You can keep all your sexting content private or share it with friends.

Are you worried that an AI character will not support all your kinks? You might be wrong here. With Spicychat AI, all your conversations will be uncensored, and you can go as crazy as you want. 

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Key features

  • Character Creation
  • Privacy Control
  • Open Conversations
  • OpenAI API Integration
  • Message Deletion

5. Character AI

Character AI is somewhere you can look for any sexting partner, and you will find them. Do you need someone who can handle all your crazy kinks? Need someone to help you take care of yourself? Character AI has got it all.

Best AI Sexting Apps

This platform can create any sexting partner you want with any kind of kink or themed interest, as you have complete control over what you will interact with. This platform is entirely free, but the experience makes you feel like you have a real sexting partner.

Why do we say so? This platform also lets you plan trips with your AI girlfriend or an AI boyfriend. How great is that?

Also, this platform warns you that all that the character says is made up and not to get very dependent on it, and we respect it for that.

Key features

  • Unrestricted AI Chat
  • Pre-built Public Characters
  • Public Character Gallery
  • Create Your Own NSFW Character

6. Slutbot 

You read the name; Slutbot can offer you much more than texting; sexting is its speciality and will provide you with all the sexual fun you want virtually. This platform can talk to you exactly as you want and give you the best sexting experience.

Best AI Sexting Apps

Slutbot is offered by a bugger website that provides much more than just Slutbot. You could find AI girlfriends and much more who would understand your sexual needs and give you all sorts of arousing messages and related content you will love.

7. Kupid AI 

Are you giving a second chance to Cupid? Why not try Kupid AI? This platform can match you with your most compatible AI sexual partner. This platform is most suitable for those looking for a female sexting partner.

Kupid AI has a variety of female AI sexting partners who you would love to talk to. These girls are sexy and beautiful and of various races, and you can choose one based on your preference.

Best AI Sexting Apps

Here, you can also choose the age of the sexting partner; whether you like a younger woman or an older one who seems sexier to you, Kupid AI will help you approach them all virtually.

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8. Kuki AI 

Kuki is an interesting talker. Kuki AI provides an AI brain that can reciprocatively respond to whatever you say to her. This platform provides an immersive chatting experience, including an enjoyable sexting experience with an AI character.

13 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in ([current_date format='M, Y'])(Android/iOS)- For SpicySex Chats

To make it more accurate, Kuki AI also provides a social media presence for Kuki, and you can also hang out with her in immersive 3D worlds. Kuki is popular, has a solid and attractive personality, is a model and throws various popular parties.

Kuki AI is a trustable platform as your conversations will not be leaked, and it is an award-winning AI character that will reciprocate with you in a way you want and make you feel like she is a natural person.

key features

  • Kuki is an award-winning AI brain that can entertain humans with chat .
  • Kuki can remember users’ names, likes and dislikes from previous conversations .
  • Kuki can be extended and embedded in other avatars and applications using KUKI AI API.
  • Kuki follows ethical AI principles and practices to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability.
  • Kuki is constantly updated and improved by its creator Steve Worswick.

9. Crushon AI

You cannot get your crush to text you? Do not worry, Crushon.AI will. This platform provides you with any AI sexting partner you wish for. You can choose anyone who looks like a normal person, a celebrity or even an Anime character.

Best AI Sexting Apps

It is an NSFW platform, so make sure you do not use it in a public place or office vicinity and use it more privately and experience all your kinky pleasures through texting with a Crusho.AI character you chose.

There is no restriction on the type of conversation you want to have on Crushon AI. This platform’s characters can be explicitly customised per your needs and will talk in a way that seems most immersive and enjoyable.

Key features

  • Unrestricted content access
  • Customized characters
  • User-friendly interface
  • Continuous updates
  • Unrestricted content
  • Organic chat experience

10. Muah AI

Muah AI is a fantastic platform for finding the best customised AI companion. This platform is one of the oldest AI-utilising platforms and is pretty proud. The characters here adhere to your specific needs and are highly satisfactory.

Best AI Sexting Apps

Along with text messages, you can also do sexting on multiple mediums such as SMS or MMS. These additions to your sexting make it seem more accurate and more enjoyable. Isn’t that great?

Although this platform is excellent for everyone, it costs a little. Muah AI has spent tons of money to provide the best AI texting, sexting and gaming experience on its platform and believes that a premium version is much better for everyone and charges a small fee.

Key features

  • Contextual Understanding
  • Multi-Modal Capabilities
  • Personalization
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Continuous Learning
  • Integration with External Platforms
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Scalability


The name might hint at the nature of the platform. provides the tools to create a bot that will adhere to your texting needs. You can use this platform for many purposes, such as work, customer support, and even sexting.

Best AI Sexting Apps

This is an all-in-one texting platform. Start by creating your sexting bot or choose an already available chatbot. You can create a character to act a certain way, whether you want a sister, a stepbrother, a mother, or all in one. can give it to you. offers a free and paid plan. A free plan will work only until a few replies, but a paid plan can go a long way and is quite affordable. So, if you are looking for a long-term sexting partner, a paid plan would work better for you.

Key Feature

  • Intuitive Bot Building Interface
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • NLP
  • Customizable Templates
  • Integration with External Systems

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12. Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto AI is slightly different from the many other sexting AI chatbot providers we looked at earlier. This platform offers a much more immersive experience and features to make your bot seem more like an actual human with a personality, mood and habits.

Best AI Sexting Apps

Yes, that is true; here, chatbots can have a personality, mood, sleep schedule and more. Here, you can create a chatbot for chat rooms, including other chatbots or use one to do sexting with yourself. As you can set the mood of the chatbot, reciprocating is much easier.

Here, you can create a chatbot for yourself or create one and introduce it to one or more chat rooms and have a chat with other chatbots. Kajiwoto AI has a few chatbots available; you can choose them or create one of your own.

Key Feature

  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Multilingual Support
  • Context Retention
  • Task Automation

13. Chai AI

Chai AI is the most straightforward AI sexting platform you can ever find. Here, you can open the website or download the Chai AI application from the Play Store or App Store and start chatting right away.


This platform has an AI character, ChAIRyS, ready to talk to you anytime, as she is always online. This AI character will respond to each of your messages in a way you would want and provide you with the most effortless and tremendous sexting experience.

Key features

  • Conversational Interface
  • Product Search Help
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • AI Styling Chatting
  • Create a Bot Account

How AI Sexting Apps Work?

Using an AI sexting application is pretty simple. An AI sexting application works by creating an AI sexting bot. Do not worry; you do not have to code. You have to choose the characteristics you want in your AI sexting partner, which will make one for you.

On many AI sexting platforms, you can create a bot with a genuine personality, mood, sleep schedule, gender and more to suit your requirements. These platforms work based on Artificial intelligence; therefore, they learn as you use them to provide better and better responses.

If you are bored with texting, you can also receive voicemails and images. Many platforms offer to customise the character’s voice, tattoos, and clothes you would want them to wear in the pictures or even if you wish to them without any clothes.

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 Facts about Best Free AI Sexting Apps

  • AI sexting apps are really taking off these days! More and more people are downloading these cool AI-powered apps, and the numbers are skyrocketing every year.
  • What’s awesome about these apps is that they give you a whole range of chat partners to choose from. You can chat with AI sex chatbots that totally get your preferences and interests. Plus, it’s all in a safe and private space, so you can freely explore your desires and fantasies without any worries about your personal info.
  • The tech behind these apps is super smart! They use natural language processing and machine learning to make the chat experiences feel super real and engaging. There’s even this app called SlutBot that’s getting a lot of love for its expertise in, you know, spicy dialogue. It’s like having a sexting coach right at your fingertips!
  • And get this – these apps aren’t just about fun. They can be educational and entertaining, spreading positivity and boosting confidence when it comes to talking about intimate stuff. You can learn new words and gain confidence in sexting or dirty talk in a totally safe environment.
  • Now, some folks worry about how AI chatbots might affect human relationships, but guess what? Many users actually find comfort and companionship in their AI chat partners. It’s all about what makes you feel good!

FAQs / Best AI Sexting Apps

Are AI sexting apps safe to use?

If you find a genuine and original AI sexting platform, they are safe to use and will not leak your conversations.

Which sexting AI is free?

All of the AI sexting applications listed above are free. However, a few platforms cost a little as your conversations grow.

Why Do People Need Sexting with AI?

Many people try AI sexting applications for fun and sometimes to have a companion available whenever they want.

Is there a bot you can sext?

There are various bots available that you can sext with.

Are AI sexting apps free?

Yes, all of the AI sexting applications listed above are free at first.

Can AI sexting apps replace human interaction?

To a great extent, AI sexting applications seem like real humans, but they cannot replace real humans as AI sexting applications respond with made-up things, and nothing is real.

What’s the best AI sexting app in 2024?

All the AI sexting applications listed above are the best AI sexting applications in 2024. 


Looking forward to the future of AI sexting apps, we anticipate witnessing further progress and innovations in the years to come. The future of technology aims to enhance virtual conversations by elevating the quality of engagement, offering users even more captivating and exciting interactions. This improvement will be achieved through advancements in natural language processing and enhanced personalization features. Stay tuned for some seriously upgraded and personalized steamy conversations!

All the abovementioned platforms are the best AI sexting apps for sex chats in 2024. Use these websites, and you will always have a companion to have sexy conversations with who never gets bored but always gets you.

Most platforms listed above are free to use throughout their lifetime, but a few charge a little once you reach a limit. Therefore, get clear with your needs and choose an AI sexting application that seems best for you.